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Get Visual with Your Sports Social Media

Posted by Kevin MacCauley | Nov 30, 2016 3:46:53 PM

Part 3: The Power of Images & Videos on Sports Social Media Accounts

Your sporting event is a great opportunity to engage with your fans live, meet and interact with potential influencers in your industry, build relationships, and of course, enjoy the game! Why not capture these priceless moments to use as social media content to boost engagement and gain followers? Don’t stop at sharing this content the day of the event, make sure you capture enough of the action to share at a later time as well!


Get Visual

You see, having an arsenal of content that exudes fan and client satisfaction of your brand is crucial for building your presence online. Leaving your event with a plethora of content is one of the best ways to take advantage of social media to connect with your audience. You’ll have lots of content to share…and your followers will love it!

Never miss another chance to gather precious content for your online marketing. Here are three ideas to create compelling content right from your sporting event to increase social media followers and brand awareness.

  1. Use live video streaming to take followers backstage
    Did you know that people spend 3x longer watching live video compared to one that's pre-recorded (Social Media Today)? Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are excellent tools to capture your sporting event live and in the moment, giving social media followers an opportunity to experience the real energy of your brand.

    Well-known sporting brands like Red Bull and Adidas have successfully leveraged live streaming to bring their fans behind-the-scenes into events that were once closed off to the public. These platforms allow your fans to feel as if they’re actually at the game, as well as interact with your brand and other fans as if they are there! You can save these videos to use for future promotional content as well.

    Be sure to promote on your social media pages ahead of time, letting your audience know that you’ll be broadcasting the event live. This will help increase viewers and awareness.
  1. Immediately post pics on social media channels
    Continue to use images from your events as social media content, and on sources other than social media, such as posting to your website during the event to boost online engagement. Share photos of any influencers present enjoying the game and tag them in your posts, not forgetting to include your branded hashtag. Instagram especially thrives on the usage of hashtags in driving new followers to your posts so use them to your advantage. 
    These images can also serve as content for blog posts and background images for your visual marketing. Use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that send your image posts to all of your social media channels with one click. These tools also come with social analytics that help you gauge how your market audience responds to certain content.
  1. Promote user-generated content using hashtags
    This is a killer strategy! At the event, tell fans to shoot a quick video of their experience at the game and share it on their social media account (Instagram or Facebook) using your event’s hashtag and tagging your sports organization. Later, you’ll have tons of user-generated content to pull from to create marketing content of your own. This type of fan-based content is highly effective in promoting your brand; whether you use it to generate leads or to create content later, having others spread the word will create awareness and build trust in your organization.

    Upper Hand Quick Tip
    : Give your fans something specific that you want them to convey in their videos, especially if you want to use this content for marketing purposes later, or to repost live. This keeps the message targeted and gives you topic focused content to use to further your business objectives, perhaps stringing together multiple fans’ content in a marketing campaign.

Your sporting events present huge opportunities to create endless content for your marketing efforts. You will never run out of content to share with your followers and fans when you incorporate these techniques into your digital strategy.  Whether you are hosting a league or academy competition, or sports camp playoff, the key is ensuring that your content aligns with your overall business goals and continues to pique the interest of your target audience.

Series: Big Impact Social Media for Sports Organizations

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Written by Kevin MacCauley

Kevin is the CEO at Upper Hand, a sports software company aiming to simplify front and back-end office tasks, by providing cutting-edge marketing and registration tools, and business intelligence, that enable unsurpassed performance for sports businesses across the nation.