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the POWER of being a Youth Sports COACH.

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 3, 2012 11:31:48 AM

TRAINlete is passionate about youth athletics. Passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise to others in hopes that the very knowledge we share is used by others to continually improve youth athletics! TRAINlete is excited to showcase some GREAT knowledge and insight from a GREAT Youth Sports Coach, Ira Blumenthal. Ira is a regular contributor and advisor to TRAINlete. Ira has competed in athletics at all levels (
National Champion Lacrosse Player at Maryland, member of the USA Lacrosse Team, Professional Indoor Lacross League) coached at all levels (
Major League Soccer, College Lacrosse and Football, High-School Football and Youth Baseball/Basketball and Soccer). After reading the below, one thing is consistent, his passion for being a "coach." Enjoy! -Team TRAINlete
"The Power of Being a Youth Sports Coach" - Ira Blumenthal In today’s fast-paced, dizzy, busy, frenetic and often chaotic world, it is often easy to forget (or overlook) what’s really important in our lives.  Hanging on a wall in my bedroom for well over 15 years is a great piece of art depicting a young boy with the inscription below it, “
A hundred years from now it will not matter the size of my bank account… or the sort of house I lived in or even the kind of car I drove.  But the world will be different because I was important in the life of a child.”   When I look back on the past twenty years of my life, I am proud to have been
“…important in the life of a child…”  actually, I was important in the lives of well over 500 children coaching Fall and Spring Baseball for all three of my sons for seven years each and also coaching each of them throughout their recreation basketball years. Above-and-beyond my uncompromising commitment to be a loving, supportive, dedicated parent and husband… there has never been anything in my life singularly more important than the responsibility I took… season after season… as a youth sports coach.  Was I a successful coach?  Well, success is clearly defined by different people in different ways.  In all my years of coaching, I rarely had a losing season… was always selected as “All-Star Coach”… typically had parents work hard to request their child played for “Coach B” (me)… and we always seemed to come home with trophies. That sounds like success… but in reality, I didn’t measure success by a “win-loss” record or trophies.  To me, success was all about what my teams learned and experienced.  Success was also about my teams truly enjoying themselves as an active participant and team member.  In all candor, the real measure of a successful youth coach is all about how one’s team “turned out” when they became young adults… and adults.  I always enjoy seeing the young boys I coached when I bump into them years and years later and how they’ve become responsible, caring, solid adults.  There’s always a proud tear that comes to my eyes when they say hello to “Coach B” and reminisce about days (and seasons) gone by.  Just being called “Coach B” again is music to my ears.  There is no other salutation I enjoy more.  Calling me “Mr.” or “Sir” pales to being call “Coach.” Coaching is a seriously important responsibility… and it’s much more than catching, throwing, batting and stealing a base.  It’s about teaching and reinforcing “life skills,” you know… empathy, team loyalty, diligence, work ethic, perseverance, mutual dependency, compliance to rules and regulations, respect for authority, integrity, fair play and more…  A coach is a teacher, a motivator, a mentor and a friend.  Ironically enough, when I run into a former player or even the parents of a former player and they flatter me about the fond memories they have of my coaching, I honestly and candidly always tell them that the pleasure was all mine.  The enjoyment I received
“…being important in the life of a child…”  was an incredible experience and one that season after season was the gift that kept on giving me satisfaction and pride.   Written By: Eric Blumenthal

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