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Why America Loves College Football

Posted by Upper Hand | Sep 8, 2012 1:11:19 PM

Oh yes…College football is here and back in full swing! There is something about college football that puts a big smile on my face. It doesn’t matter who your team is and whether they are projected to have a good year or to be not so good, this time of year has to fire you up! I have lived all over the United States and one thing that I have found to be true in every part of this country is that people are passionate about their college football teams!

But what it is about college football that exudes these feelings? Is it the festivities that surround the game? The setting up of the tailgate spot, dressing in head-to-toe team gear, the atmosphere of being around thousands of your ‘closest friends’ preparing for the excitement of the game, the electric scene before and after the game, the sounds, the smell of hotdogs and burgers grilling and the feeling of getting to watch the team you love in some of the most massive structures humankind has ever seen.

Is it the importance of each week? College football is truly “do or die.” Is America in love with college football because of the sense of urgency and drama that is created each week when our team plays? If your team loses one game their national championship aspirations could be erased and it is back to “well, there’s always next year!” Is it the upsets that we get to witness each week? There is something to be said about
Boise State going out and taking care of mighty Oklahoma. Or when Michigan got taken down in week 1 by Appalachian State, shocking the nation! You can’t make up this drama, true reality TV.


Is it the tailgate scene? Side question, is there anything more American than tailgating? I think not. While we are on this subject, do you know that the first tailgaters can be traced back to 1861?! Oh yes, 151 years ago our fellow American ancestors established and perfected the art of tailgating! Interesting fact, they weren’t tailgating for a sporting event, but to support the Union Army at The Battle of Bull Run…they cheered on their soldiers shouting “Go Big Blue” and snacked on foods and drank beverages of their choice! So 150 years later we say ‘cheers’ to the innovators, but college football fans have taken tailgating to the next level. Elaborate tent setups with plasma televisions hooked up, unique cuisine and fully stocked bars are the norm at the college football tailgate scene! If you are making a bucket list of tailgate spots to visit, start here.


Could it be the allegiance we have to our school or region? The truth is the vast majority of college football fans have a real passion and allegiance for their team. Fans spent years of their life attending the school they cheer for or have a personal tie to that University through family or by growing up near the team that they cheer for.

The truth is, it is a combination of everything mentioned above and much more. There is no way to come up with one answer as to why America loves college football, but one thing I know for sure is America loves college football!


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Written by Upper Hand

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