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Using Sports Customer Testimonials to Promote Your Training Business

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 20, 2017 11:37:18 AM

5 Ways to Implement Customer Testimonials in Digital Marketing:

Did you know 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations from friends (Source: Forbes)? Customer testimonials are powerful content pieces that can elevate your sports digital marketing and position you in a positive light amongst potential clients.

You see, reviews and testimonials do the selling for you! They show that what you’re doing is working - producing the desired results that people expect from your services. Whether you’re attracting parents or athletes to your training business, sharing sports customer testimonials can be a killer way to close the deal.

The following offers five unique ways you can implement testimonials in your digital marketing strategy to effectively promote your sports training business.


#1 Create a Compelling Video

The undeniable popularity of video has made it a viable marketing tool to connect with audiences and create brand awareness and trust. When coupled with customer testimonials, you have a persuasive content piece to promote on your social media networks, video channels, website and blog, and through e-newsletters. A video testimonial can be a game changer to getting prospects and followers who are “on the fence,” to take action.

Put a plan in place where you have customers share their feedback on video. You don’t have to have recording equipment, they can record on their smartphone and share - no problem! Make sure clients share the reason why they chose your business and the results they’ve achieved so far. If you want to record more official videos, decide how you’ll produce your video by either leveraging a video production team or choosing to edit in-house.

At the end of your video, share a strong call to action that tells viewers what to do next. A best practice is to give directions on how they can opt into your list to maintain contact with them, or sign-up for a specific training program.

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#2 Share User-Generated Content on Social Media

User-generated content is simply posts (whether social media, blog posts, videos, etc.) that are created by your customers and shared on a digital platform. Gathering, organizing, and sharing user-generated content can accelerate your brand fast on social media. It builds trust with your followers, ignites engagement, and gives your current clients recognition.

Your goal is to collect as much user-generated content as possible to enrich your social media marketing. Encourage clients, parents, and fans to share a social media post while at the game or during training. Consider hosting an Instagram contest where you give prizes to those who share the most compelling and unique images that highlight you. Don’t forget to have users include your branded hashtag or keyword to attract new followers. Whereas hashtags work great on Instagram, keywords are better used on Facebook.


#3 Include In Your Monthly Newsletter

Your email strategy plays a significant role in your overall digital marketing. Not only is growing your email list important, it’s also vital that you hone relationships with your subscribers to move them closer to the buying decision. A study showed that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Cultivating your list with useful content is a successful way to get them to train with your business.

With that said, newsletters are highly valuable in highlighting happenings from your sports brand and educating your audience in between practices and seasons. In your monthly newsletter, share testimonials to keep people motivated during the year while indirectly promoting your services. Openly congratulate those who are doing well as a result of your training.


#4 Promote on Your Website

Perhaps a no-brainer, sprinkling customer testimonials throughout your website content is an excellent strategy to gaining trust from first-time visitors and positioning your training business as a reliable company in the sports industry. The more positive reviews you share, the more likely prospects are to join your list or reach out.

Therefore, methodically post short testimonials on your website pages. This can be as simple as including a block quote from an athlete or parent. Mention them specifically when you’re discussing your services and products. If possible, include an image to help humanize and bring validity to the message.


#5 Implement in Blogging Strategy

Blogging is a premier way to establish you as an authority and leader in your niche. The benefits of maintaining a regular blogging cadence are too compelling to ignore. From boosting visibility in the search engines to having helpful content to share with your followers, blogging for your business is crucial to connecting with today’s athletes.

The good news is, you have complete flexibility on how you blog to showcase your brand personality. Using customer testimonials and success stories as a topic serves as an excellent foundation for sharing stories and bringing your services to life. You see, blogging allows you to delve deeper into topics than simply publishing a social media post. In a blog article, you can share the problems and challenges that your audience relates to, and how you’ve been a solution provider.



Sharing customer testimonials should be an active tactic in promoting your sports training brand. They bring credibility and foster trust with likely prospects. Simply put, people want to know if what you’re doing is indeed working. Customer testimonials give added assurance and reveal that clients are happy with your programs.

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