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Use Digital Sports Marketing to Increase Program Registrations

Posted by Upper Hand | Sep 8, 2017 2:00:59 PM

Tips for your Sports Marketing Strategy:

Are you looking for creative yet proven ways to market your next sports training event? Perhaps you’re wanting to boost attendance at your camps or league events. Or maybe you want to increase registrations for your next training program.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of digital sports marketing tactics you can begin leveraging in no time, to increase sales and new clients. In the process, you can boost online engagement and get others involved in promoting for you.


The following offers a mix of these digital and traditional strategies to successfully market your next sports event and foster participation from loyal followers.

#1 Amplify Your Social Media Marketing

We can agree that your athletes and parents are on social media. Optimizing your social channels to promote your next sports program is a killer strategy to spreading the word and creating buzz. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the perfect platforms to drive engagement. Here are a few ways to leverage social media marketing for promoting your event:

  • Develop an entire social media marketing campaign that you follow for each event. Use the 80/20 rule for posting content; 80% is valuable content and 20% promotional. Valuable content can range from sports performance advice to what parents can do to empower their athlete. Share value daily to keep attracting people to your content.
  • Create an event hashtag and keyword for your social media marketing. Where hashtags reign on Instagram and Twitter, keywords perform better on Facebook. Encourage followers to use this hashtag/keyword prior to and during your program to increase brand visibility.
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  • Visuals foster engagement. Create amazing imagery using Canva to promote your event on social.
  • Use paid marketing on Facebook and Instagram to boost awareness and target your local market. Design compelling social ads to capture attention. When clicking on your ad, make sure it leads to a landing page to obtain contact information, like your event registration page.
  • Involve the parents in your social media marketing. Parents can be some of your biggest promoters so give them visual content to share on their networks. Send an email that includes the image and text to share. Give clear instructions as to how often, where to post and what hashtags to use. Be sure to briefly share the benefit of them being involved. This type of recommendation to other parents hold a lot of value with new potential clients.
  • Use a social media management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to organize and schedule your content in advance. You’ll improve productivity and maintain an active presence on your social networks.

#2 Blog About It

Your sports blog is a huge asset to your digital marketing. This multifaceted tool can be used to share value on social media, keep your email subscribers in the know, become syndicated on other content and sports sites, and repurpose blogs video and audio content. Maintaining a blogging cadence increases visibility, SEO, and positions you as an authority in your sports niche.

With that said, use this platform to promote your next sports program as well. Highlight the features and advantages of your training program or class so people glean the benefits from attending. If it’s a sporting event such as a tournament or camp, use your blog as a sports column. Add lots of visuals to complement your text and increase user-experience.

Then, promote your blog content on your social channels and to your email list. Make it easy for your subscribers to share on their networks to boost exposure.

#3 Leverage Video Marketing

Sports fans love videos. Videos draw viewers in, capture attention, and move users to action. Current stats and figures prove that video marketing drives lead conversions and sales, and foster engagement. The good news is, there are a plethora of ways to leverage video marketing in boosting program attendance.

Explainer/Promotional VideoCreate a new video for each of your events. The goal is to build excitement, share highlights, and get people to register for your program. You should share this video daily leading up to your event, using a different headlines so your content doesn’t appear redundant. Include a call-to-action that directs viewers to a landing page where they opt-in to your email list, but can then also register for the event.

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User-Generated ContentDid you know 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation? User-generated content sells your events for you. These are fans sharing their experiences with your brand either on social media, through video, or on their blog. Collect and use this precious content to your advantage. Create at least two compelling videos showcasing these reviews…one that is about 30 seconds long for social media and the other a bit longer for YouTube, your blog, etc.

Broadcast Using Live-Streaming VideoFacebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Stories generate massive engagement on social media. People spend more time watching these than they do traditional videos. It brings authenticity and transparency to your content. Whip out your mobile device and go live promoting your program. Do a live-streaming video one week prior to your event, then again 2 days before the program kickoff. The more times people hear about your event, the more likely they’ll respond and act.

#4 Flyers Still Work

Flyers still work! Everyone on your team can participate in this print marketing strategy because it’s easy, less intimidating, and opens the door for conversation. Sports flyers are a highly effective way to publicize local events. Add flyers to your promotional strategy to create even more buzz and excitement.

The key is to use a brilliant, eye-catching design, that separates your flyer from what people are accustomed to receiving and represents your brand. Don’t go for regular paper…opt for high-quality print instead. Wow your recipients so they’re compelled to read your message. Everything you do speaks to your brand, so embody it well by putting a little oomph into your print materials!


Use these tips to successfully market your next sports event and boost attendance. With consistency, you’ll experience a growth in participation as well as increased engagement from your digital strategy.

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