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TRAINlete: The Idea.

Posted by Upper Hand | Apr 28, 2012 8:23:19 PM

June 30th, 2011 As we come together to execute this site, words cannot express the level of excitement we feel. There are nearly 50 million athletes ages 5-18 in the United States. The parents of these athletes are passionate about their athlete reaching their best ability, as well as working on their fitness. There are millions of sport specific trainers and millions of other fitness trainers across the United States who are passionate about aiding clients in reaching their next level of success. The key question that really led to the idea is how do these two markets effectively connect – Word of mouth? A random occurrence? In the technologically advanced world we live in today, the fact that these two markets cannot effectively and efficiently connect is truly an incredible opportunity. We want to afford trainers the ability to market themselves and their services to their target market in their geographic area. Currently a trainer must rely primarily on world of mouth to grow their business. We offer him/her the ability to create a customized profile page identifying unique attributes and experiences to best market themselves. We also want to allow driven student athletes, or anyone looking to reach their fullest potential in athletics, the opportunity to safely and simply search a database of sports specific trainers that best suits each athletes individual needs. Student athletes that have reached some of their own personal goals (example: Varsity Basketball, Football player) also have the ability to earn extra money by training younger student athletes in their own area that wish to learn from a mentor that can show them how to reach heir goals in sports. Everyone wins!

Written by Upper Hand

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