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TRAINER TIME: Kenneth Sherman, Basketball Trainer

Posted by Upper Hand | May 7, 2013 7:34:46 PM

Kenneth Sherman is one of our GREAT Private Basketball Trainers. He was a four-year starter at Dos Pueblos Senior High school varsity basketball team where he was a part of three city championships. He then went on to play at Mountain View College for two seasons and was a part of a NJCAA Championship team! After his time at Mountain View, he went on to start his professional basketball career in Europe in Sweeden.

He then returned back to the States and played in the American Basketball Association for the
Georgia Gwizzles. Kenneth is currently still playing but is also passionate about coaching as he loves to give back to young athletes and return the favor that many wonderful coaches gave to him. He is passionate about fundamentals and loves to watch young players develop. Read our latest version of TRAINER TIME below, featuring Kenneth Sherman. In the Atlanta area?
Click here to connect with him today and schedule your first session!

What is the biggest difference between the style of play in Sweden compared to the US? The biggest difference between playing in Europe versus the USA  in general is that the game is more physical and slower than the American game therefore the game isn't as flashy like it is in the states. It’s more of a grind out style of play the Americans are not liked as much by the referees therefore Americans don't get many foul calls like they would if they were playing in the NBA so Americans have to earn and will their way to get free throws opportunities the other thing that is different is there isn't any set positions like their is in the states because there are big man that can now do everything a point guard can do in many countries.

What is the best player you ever played against or played with? I think the best player's I have ever played against was back in high school in Amateur Athletic Union Basketball. When  I  played for Inland Empire Basketball Program  for coach Keith Howard I  held my own against the likes of  current or former NBA player's for example, Deshawn Stevenson , Casey Jacobsen, Josh Childress. When I had the privilege of going head to head against their teams in the famous tournament in  Las Vegas called THE BIG TIME I had many colleges of my own that were recruiting me.

What is one aspect of basketball do you feel youth athletes need to focus on the most to succeed at "the next level"? I think the best aspect for youth athletes to focus on, which is very critical, is being coachable! When they start to open up and create that mutual relationship with the coach and let the coach guide them they will make less mistakes instead of trying to do things on your own.

The Olympics and the World Basketball Tournament continues to see the playing field level out almost every year to compete with the Americans, do you feel that Europe's basketball talent pool will ever reach that of the U.S.? Well other countries such as Spain and Argentina and a few others have shown that they can beat the Americans before  but it has now been a few years since that has happened because the Americans are overly athletic and faster now than they ever were since the Michael Jordan days. I think that European players have always been talented enough in recent years to be able to compete with the Americans or else they wouldn't be called up on to get drafted in to the NBA but the thing that  separates American players from the European players is that Americans play with urgency and never think losing is an option .

For young athletes looking to improve their game this summer, what are your training sessions like and what aspects can you help your clients improve on? All training sessions will be one-on-one based they will run for 60 to 90 minutes, max. Training sessions will always have conditioning to work on the cardiovascular side of basketball. This is absolutely critical for players that want to be the best. Training sessions will have implemented training regimen workouts that will include the fundamentals of shooting drills, ball-control, more ball-handling drills, along with open-court scenarios and decision-making from a point guard and shooting guard perspective! When I was playing professionally in Sweden I had to take things seriously, by which means do my job in order to stay and play. For me to dominate I had to get in the gym when no one was watching or telling me to. I was putting in two a days when I didn't have to or when there were no team practices. If you want to be the best you have to be willing to do things that others won’t do! Interview and Written By:  Jeremy Clouse

Written by Upper Hand

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