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"Trainer Time": Jonathan W.

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 24, 2012 12:41:21 AM

At TRAINlete we have GREAT private sports trainers and coaches. In an effort to further share our trainers with athletes we bring you a new series called –
Trainer Time – where we spend some time with TRAINlete’ s community of trainers. During
Trainer Time you will have an opportunity to get to know a TRAINlete Trainer on a more personal basis and learn a thing a two about sports, training and success! In our first edition of Trainer Time we feature Jonathan W. who is from Marietta, GA and specializes in Speed/Agility, Football and Basketball Training.  Jonathan is the owner of Isudu Sports Group and if you are looking to reach your next level in sports, this is your guy! Enjoy!

What was your favorite athletic experience growing up? My favorite athletic experience as a kid was the road to the GA High School Football State Championship Game with my Harrison High School Hoya teammates in 2000. We went 0-2 the first 2 games then went on a winning streak to the state Championship. That season was full of road blocks and high hurdles that we overcame as a team which in turn provided great life lessons. It was amazing. I got the opportunity to play with a great group of guys who I considered family. The biggest highlight of that run was the opportunity to play alongside my little brother Joshua for the first time. Because we are 3 years apart we never had the chance to play together until then.

Check out a preview of State Title Game from 2000 - I think I recognize the RB from Harrison High School!

The TRAINlete Team had the pleasure of watching you play football in high school - you were probably the fastest/quickest player we've seen on a football field - what is your secret? How did you get so fast/quick?

Wow I really appreciate that TRAINlete! I don't know if there’s a secret but all I can tell you is when I was kid I was always smaller than most kids and I always wanted to be like
Deion Sanders so I would pray every night asking God to make me fast like "Prime Time". I also was given the opportunity to compete with great athletic friends and family on a daily basis as well as get sports specific training from local sports performance coaches within my community. Combining these aspects in my life molded the athlete I became.
What has been your proudest moment as a trainer/coach? I have a few. At the end of a football game I congratulated one of my football players on an awesome run he had and he responded with "coach as soon as I saw that hole I thought of that explosive and claw drill we do and took off". At that moment I knew I was within my calling. Now quickness, Speed & Agility has been a part of my life since i could remember. Anything else was a bit foreign. To change that, I took on training a distance runner. We put in months of training and hard work and after her big race she set a Personal Record and placed 2nd. That was an extremely proud moment for me because I stepped out of my comfort zone and helped an athlete succeed.

What is your specialty as a trainer?

  • Quickness, Speed & Agility
  • Mental preparation & Performance
  • Football, Basketball, Track (sprinters/Distance Runners), Baseball, Lacrosse, Volleyball)

As a trainer I like to focus on consistency, establishing great work ethic, improving sports specific skills, quickness, speed, agility & mental performance. I feel it’s also important to connect the genetics & hard work of an athlete with the science of training.
If you could provide a piece of advice to an athlete who is looking to get faster/quicker what would it be? I would encourage that athlete to find a coach or trainer to help teach them proper technique & hard work. I would also advise them to take care of their bodies and to practice & train everyday mentally and physically. There are athletes who are born with quickness and speed and there are others who acquire it after months of training. My last advice would be to stay active and competitive within their sport and have fun doing it. Relaxing and Fun allow you to run faster. Written and Interviewed By: Jeremy Clouse

Written by Upper Hand

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