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Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 31, 2012 12:32:42 PM

 Continuing with our TRAINER TIME series, we are excited to feature
Brandon H, a GREAT Basketball Trainer from Orlando, FL. Brandon has an incredible passion for basketball is a student of the game. He has incredible experience and has spent time learning under NBA Legend,
Isiah Thomas. Brandon is a dedicated basketball trainer and coach with one mission, helping his students reach their Next Level!
 We are proud to feature Brandon in this edition of TRAINER TIME and are excited that he is a part of the TRAINlete Family! To connect with Brandon check out his
TRAINlete Profile and make sure you visit his
Website for additional great info!

You obviously love the game of basketball. If you had to pick one reason why you love/adore the game of basketball, what would it be? I think it's the impact that one person, coach or player, can have on the game draws me to it. Each player can put his mark on a game in a number of ways, and can succeed with his or her very own, unique style. Guys like Gerald Green with freak athleticism can fail, but guys like Nash and Love can succeed just based on how smart and refined they are.

As a youth athlete, what type of training/extra work did you do that really helped you reach your level of success you were able to reach in basketball? I found that, as I got serious and began two-a-days, those 1 or 2 extra rep(s) really do make the difference between good and great. As I began to take the game seriously, as a job of sorts, I took better care of my body, and tightened up my training, cutting off the half court shots & time wasting. As I began my routine with stretching and ball handling every time, I pushed myself and I knew each time I was on the court that I could get to wherever I wanted on the court against anybody. That opens the whole court up. When you're playing every day to get better, and shooting every shot to make it, the path to improvement becomes much clearer.

What has been your proudest moment as a coach/trainer? I'm always proud when a player reaches the primary goal that we set. This past year, we've been fortunate enough to have a 100% success rate. Most recently, I was proud to say that my client, last year a backup center on JV, is penciled in as the starting SF on varsity going into this season. Today, even, I was thanked by a mother of a brother and sister I've been working with that had both risen to the top of their group at their tryouts this past weekend. Anytime I'm able to help my clients accomplish what they want to and grow as individuals, I couldn't be prouder.

What NBA player - current or past - do you look up to the most? Why?
Steve Nash is a great inspiration, as he has average genetics and only decent athleticism, and yet he is able to be so successful and so efficient, on skills and IQ alone. Mike Miller is another great inspiration in the league right now because he is such a good rebounder, passer and ball handler for a guy who is primarily a shooter. It's refreshing to see a specialist with a well-rounded game. In the past, I really appreciate what Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson were able to do at the point guard position- they were both so uniquely well-rounded.

What would be a key piece of advice that you would share with a young athlete looking to reach their next level in athletics? Take it seriously, don't take it for granted, and, most importantly, play basketball year 'round. Play AAU basketball or, at the very least, play with a trainer or your teammates every day (or both!) in the offseason. The margin of error is so thin. An extra 5 minutes a day is about 2.5 hours in a month, which is 30 hours a year- the difference between being good and great can be just staying a couple minutes after practice. If you're doing only what everyone else is doing, all you will ever be is average. Study the best players at your position and emulate what makes them special. #TeamTRAINlete   “
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Written by Upper Hand

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