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Stop Putting Your Sports Organization at Risk

on Sep 23, 2016 3:55:29 PM | By Kevin MacCauley | 0 Comments
How the Move to Online Sports Registration Software Could Save Your Business Despite us living in a digital world, we still can't seem to get away from using paper for some of our major transactions. While many businesses give us a choice, some continue to stick with tradition in using paper for registrations. One type of business where you see this is in sports businesses, like camp-run organizations, athletic academies and travel teams. When parents send their children to a sporting location, it usually involves having to fill out a paper registration form, plus paying by check. If a parent pays by credit card, it frequently entails having to write their card number on the registration document, which may get sent by snail mail...
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How Simplified Sports Registration can Grow Your Business

on Aug 9, 2016 4:43:57 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
4 Ways Sports Registration Software Can Grow Your Business A simplified registration process makes it easy for parents & athletes to convert to paying customers! See how an online registration platform can help you save time, easily communicate with clients, improve client experience and ultimately grow your sports business! 
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7 Advantages of Mobile Responsive Sports Camp Registration

on Aug 4, 2016 7:00:00 AM | By Kevin MacCauley | 0 Comments
Why Mobile Apps might not be as advantageous to your sports business as you think! These days, everyone is mobile. That means that your website & sports camp registration need to be mobile responsive to make it as easy as possible for parents to register their kids, pay for camp and take care of filling out all those important forms. Sure, you can create a separate app to allow for camp registration and provide parents with tools, but there are several key advantages of creating a mobile responsive sports camp registration site and checkout process.
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Upper Hand Sports Software New & Improved Navigation

on Jun 1, 2016 4:25:05 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
The Upper Hand sports software has a new and improved navigation bar including all of the features our customers have come to love, but with a new look and fewer clicks! Here are some highlights:
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CTO Brings Big Changes to Sports Management Software

on May 25, 2016 5:43:39 PM | By Jason Rogers | 0 Comments
A letter from Upper Hand CTO, Jason Rogers Dear Upper Hand, Inc. Customers and Partners,  As I look forward to Upper Hand’s future growth, I am truly looking forward to developing and enhancing easy-to-use sports management software solutions to ensure that our customers’ experiences with Upper Hand are unparalleled.
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Why Your Sports Registration Is Killing Your Business

on Oct 20, 2015 9:23:32 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Upper Hand's Sports Registration At Upper Hand software, we offer the best online sports registration process on the market, with an increasing e-commerce conversion rate, up from .6% in 2013 to 6.62% Q1 of 2015. One of the most common problems that we see with sports training businesses, is they fail to provide an organized, high quality online registration experience for their customers.  So we want to help you understand why your sports registration process is killing your business, and how you can improve it moving forward. 
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How To Generate Recurring Revenue Today!

on Jun 29, 2015 9:34:53 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
One of the primary challenges for new academies, fitness training clubs and other training businesses, is generating enough money during the first couple of years to stay in business. Which is why we encourage our customers at Upper Hand to increase their chances of success by building part of their business model around generating recurring revenue (Thom Holland, 2015). Recurring revenue is when a new customer, who has purchased training one time, decides to come back and train with you again. Below I outline the benefits of recurring revenue and what you need to put a recurring revenue process in place. 5 Benefits of Recurring Revenue: Revenue Projection Visibility - The main benefit of a recurring revenue business is that you will have a better understanding of how much money will come in future months. Compared to one-time payments, recurring revenue is much easier to predict future revenues (Thom Holland, 2015). Easier Sports Budgeting - Due to the ability to forecast future revenues better, you now have a more accurate picture of your monthly expenses and income. This makes budgeting easier and more accurate (Thom Holland, 2015). Improved Processes - When you have recurring revenue as a foundation to your business, streamlining operations and costs associated with your operations is much easier (Thom Holland, 2015). Better Cash Flow - “Cash today, is more valuable than cash tomorrow,” is often the most undervalued and underestimated characteristic of a strong business. Primarily because it is hard to understand. For example, Business A makes $10,000 a month for 12 months, with annual revenue of $120,000. Business B makes $120,000 the first month of the year, then does not make money the rest of the year. Which business is better? Of course there may be a lot of other factors to affect that answer, but the point is, you want cash today, not tomorrow. Another reason you should be accepting online payments vs. chasing down cash. Learn about online payments here. Happier Clients - We often hear from parent clients of training academies and organizations that they simply want better visibility into upcoming training opportunities. When you have a recurring revenue model and process in place to keep your existing clients updated on new training, you make it easier for them to buy your training. The below graphic depicts the flow of recurring revenue in the sales funnel. Get a refresher on how to design your sales funnel here.
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Sports Coaching Sales Funnel Design Guide

on Jun 27, 2015 11:11:28 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Sports Coaching Sales Funnel Whether looking to launch your sports coaching business or grow an existing sports training facility, there comes a time where understanding your sales funnel, lead generation and marketing strategy becomes a daunting task. Getting to talk with many great training organizations, we know how difficult this area can be - after all, you need to be coaching, improving training curriculum and mapping out the long-term strategy for your business. Here are some ways you can ignite your sports business marketing strategy by understanding and developing your sales funnel.
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Introducing Stripe processing & On-demand payouts

on May 25, 2015 11:36:49 AM | By Kevin MacCauley | 0 Comments
Happy Memorial Day! While you are enjoying family, friends, BBQ and the holiday, the Upper Hand team is at work preparing for a major upgrade to our software this coming week. This week, we will be migrating (e.g. switching) payment processors from BalancedPayments to Stripe. This change brings several updates you won't see, along with a few you will. Here are the top four things you need to know: (1) Migrating from Balanced to Stripe (2) New on-demand direct deposit payouts (3) Several upcoming new features (4) List of fixes and improvements (1) Migrating from Balanced to Stripe The transition from Balanced to Stripe will take place this week. As part of the transition, we will begin processing payments for training (how clients pay you) and direct deposit payouts (how we get your money to you) through our new Stripe integration. Recall, that we do not store sensitive payment information on our platform, so the only information that is transferred includes basic details about our customers and your clients (e.g. name, tokenized payment, etc). Lastly, you will find updated Terms & Conditions along with the upgrade, as part of our ongoing commitment at Upper Hand to provide transparency. If you have questions about the migration - please email us at support@getupperhand.com. (2) New on-demand direct deposit payouts With "on-demand" payouts on Upper Hand, you will be able to request a direct deposit of your earnings anytime. The new feature will be connected to the financial section of your dashboard, where you will be able to request withdrawals from your Upper Hand account directly into the connected bank you have setup. (3) Several upcoming new features With the new processing, our team is excited to bring several upcoming new features. Upcoming features after migrating to Stripe include: academy memberships management, donation collections and automated payment splitting. We will be announcing these new features as they become available to you. (4) List of fixes and other improvements
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