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Top Corporate Supporters of Youth Sports

Posted by Upper Hand | Sep 25, 2012 9:36:02 AM

As I think about certain things in my life that I am passionate about, youth sports ranks up near the top of my list. Being a youth sports enthusiast, I am always interested to identify people, groups, organizations, communities, companies, etc. that are also passionate about youth sports. I wanted to share three large companies that are not only passionate about youth sports, but are making large investments, in time, energy and money, towards improving youth sports.
Liberty Mutual has a program – “
Liberty Mutual’s Responsible Sports” program which supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents who help our children succeed both on and off the field. This program provides resources, tools, tips and advice from youth sports experts. They provide tools and expert information on how to be a responsible youth coach as well as provide a tool called “
Ask the Responsible Experts” where they compile responses from some of the top experts in sports to answer questions each week.
Nestle has decided to sponsor one of the world’s biggest youth sports development program over the next five years. Nestle is known for their commitment to nutrition, health and wellness; and now the company has become the main sponsor of the International Association of Athletics Federations’
Kids Athletics Program
. According to the President of the IAAF, “This sponsorship will allow athletics to reach out to millions more kids to encourage them to take up a healthier lifestyle.” The
Kids Athletics Program was created in ’05 and has reached over 1.5 million children across the world. Nestle will help the IAAF set up new kid’s athletics programs and extend existing ones. The sponsorship will also provide additional training for athletic lecturers and coaches. For more information,
click here.
Early in 2012, Proctor & Gamble launched a global “Thank You Mom” Campaign. This campaign will raise more than $5 million for youth sports. Specifically, the funds will help establish and sustain youth sports programs around the world. Proctor & Gamble will raise the money by donating a portion of the sales from some of the company’s brands – Pampers®, Tide®, Gillette®, and Pantene® - to help moms everywhere and improve the state of youth sports. A spokesperson from Proctor & Gamble states, “We hope to create a movement to thank moms everywhere, making a difference to youth sports around the globe. For more information,
click here.
In conclusion, there are countless companies and organizations that are focused on improving youth sports, these are just a few large ones that stuck out to me. If you are a company or organization focused on improving youth sports, please contact us at
info@trainlete.com as we would love to feature your company/organization and what you are doing in the world of youth sports.     #TeamTRAINlete “
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