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TODAY is Your Day. You Have No Other Choice

Posted by Upper Hand | Jan 30, 2013 9:13:59 PM

As I sit and genuinely think about
today, and seriously think about today and the opportunity that I have been given, I come to the realization that there is nothing better and more exciting than today. Cheesy? Maybe. But I have never been more sincere or serious about a thought. Anyone who has read some of our posts knows that leadership and motivation are two topics that fire me up…but the notion of
today is the most exciting topic I have ever ventured to explore. Do you have thoughts about your past…thoughts of how you wish you may have done something different? I know you all do. Do you have fond memories of certain experiences? Absolutely. Here comes the reality…all the money, power, insert any other “thing” will never get us back to a point in our past. We don’t have the ability to travel back a minute, hour, day, month or year to a certain point and act in a different manner…Bill Gates, with his $70B can’t make that happen and neither can any of us. Can we learn from it? YES. Our memories and experiences shape us and my wish for you all is that you have positive memories/experiences that you look back upon and smile. Also, I hope that you have and continue to learn from any negative past experiences and make the best out of these memories. But again, we can’t go back… The future…what a cool concept. The future provides us with hope. You know that feeling you get on New Year’s Eve? That, “this is a new year, a new start” feeling? That’s a great feeling. But again, the harsh reality is
we cannot rely on the future because nothing is guaranteed. Time devoted to hoping and thinking of a brighter future is nice, but it’s a waste of time. So what’s the point, right? The point is, don’t dwell on the past and don’t stress about the future. I get it, it’s human nature to do this and reading this blog will not change that. But my challenge to you is two-fold:

  1. Focus on today. What a gift each of us have in this day, this moment. I am not talking about “living like your dying” or “live like it’s your last day on this earth.” That can be very dangerous J But I am talking about enjoying each moment that you are given. Be kind to others, be kind to yourself, make sure those who you care about know that you care about them, work hard and enjoy your life. If you aren’t in a state of happiness – whether it’s your job, your current athletic situation, your health, your relationships, etc. – start taking steps to improve it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so reward yourself for positive steps.
  2. Take your past experiences and thoughts about the future and think about them from positive angles. Love the memories from your past – all memories – as they shape you. Learn from the good and the bad and work towards replicating the past memories that brought you joy/success/etc. And when thinking about your future, don’t stress! Think positive about what you will achieve and focus on your PRESENT as a means towards achieving your future goals

Perspective is an incredible thing. Unfortunately oftentimes we get perspective in our lives through a tragic event. An event will occur which will shift our thinking and we often say to ourselves “Why didn’t I do this different,” etc. Take control of your life and enjoy today, it is truly YOUR DAY TODAY. Thanks for taking the time to read this, not necessarily sports related, but I hope you gained some perspective from it! Written By:  Eric Blumenthal

Topics: Coaching & Training Tips, Keys to Success, Leadership, Youth Athletics

Written by Upper Hand

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