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Tips to Motivate Your Training Staff

Posted by Upper Hand | Sep 22, 2017 3:19:11 PM

Setting Goals & Keeping Techniques Fresh:

Running a sports training business is always challenging, but you can’t forget to think through the needs to lead and manage a team of trainers, in addition to your athletes. The staff you hire to train your clients go through learning processes and challenges of their own. Some of this might lead to temporarily losing motivation, especially if they feel they are doing things entirely the same for months on end and not growing or making progress.The good news is, motivating your team doesn’t necessarily mean giving raises and bonuses. There are intangible ways to rejuvenate your sports training staff to boost productivity and keep them excited about coming to work. Here are 6 creative tips to keep staff motivated.


It's easy for your training and admin staff to become burnt out if they don’t have an inspiring leader to push them toward reaching goals. For your training staff, it's essential they stay motivated since they need to instill this same attitude in the athletes they work with every day. Without their inspiration, those receiving training can't aim toward a positive outcome.

So what can you do to keep your staff motivated? Here are some tips to lead your team of staff to success!


Look At Your Sports Business as a Sports Team

Just like a sports team needs to work together as a unit toward a common goal, so should your entire staff. If your staff feels fragmented, it's time to meet daily and work together, just like sports teams do.

Also consider these models to follow staff objectives and motivators:

  • Maintaining a commitment to shared objectives so you're always on the same page.
  • Sharing the same mental models for approaching goals, marketing and other branding opportunities.
  • Creating mutual trust among one another so there isn't any questioning of everyone's motivations.
  • Establishing a mutual belief that you can succeed together rather than seemingly working toward different ends.

Other than these philosophies, what other things can you do to help your staff stay inspired while improving their job performance?


Create New Training Techniques

We all know exercise can become boring if doing the same things over and over. The same thing can happen with the coaches running training programs. You don't want your trainers becoming bored with the training techniques you use. Once this happens, it's going to impact your clients as well.

Besides, to stay competitive, you have to keep up with the latest training programs. Look at what other sports training businesses do, read the latest articles and books, or subscribe to a sports podcast to keep your training programs up-to-date. In addition, consult with your trainers. They may have insight on their own on how to maintain a more interesting and proven program, or resources that are helping them stay up-to-date.


Use Digital Methods for Higher Efficiency

Does your administrative staff feel less motivated lately because they're still stuck doing admin work with outdated technology? Just like you, your trainers love working with athletes, and probably dislike wasting time on management tasks. If you're still using paper-based registrations or a combination of multiple calendars, emails and other software systems, don't make your staff suffer through using these.

You can't stay competitive if you don't upgrade your management platforms, because older processes are going to slow down productivity and discourage staff. Take a look at some of the sports scheduling software & registration platforms out there, to get better organized. Make sure things like scheduling and event details are easily accessible through a mobile app for sports management so staff members do not have to return to a computer to get the information they need.


Use Business Intelligence to Motivate the Team Toward End-Goals

Superior management software can give you another great motivator: Useful Sports Business Intelligence. Most importantly, you want good financial intelligence to see what the realities are behind your business's strengths and weaknesses.

If you don’t have access to key metrics to help your staff and business drive results, goals can seem blurred to the rest of you team. Once you know the truth about how well you're doing, you can get everyone motivated toward higher pursuits. You'll want metrics that are easy to read and digest. Thanks to digital technology, you can share all these metrics with your fellow workers so everyone knows what they need to do to improve results.

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Written by Upper Hand

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