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The Power of Design in Sports Social Media Ads

Posted by Upper Hand | Jun 15, 2017 3:35:17 PM

6 Tips to Gain Top Selling Power Through Well Designed Facebook Ads:

Social media reaches more consumers than any other advertising method. Taking advantage of this large, widespread audience, is an opportunity sports business owners cannot afford to ignore.

Whether your academy is focused on training, camps, or classes, there are some important tips you need to know if you are going to reach out to the world of social media. Let’s take a look at the highlights from this article about the most effective methods you can use to get your ad noticed in terms of design.


  • Imaging – The image you choose is the most important element of a good social media advertisement. The image is what grabs the attention of your audience means getting more clicks. That is what the game is all about, the more new leads you can get to your website, the more new athletes you’re likely to have sign up for your events. Bold color contrast is one proven method of getting someone’s attention. If this method of color contrast isn’t the right fit for your brand, you might try using filters to make your image more creative. Make it stand out, but remember to give it an air of professionalism. You need to follow Facebook's guidelines for best performance, and at the same time, keep the respect of your potential clients.

  • Multiple Designs – Even though a design may look great to you, it may not be what you need to get clicks from your target audience. It can be difficult to predict how your message is going to translate. You should always have several designs ready when you enter into a Facebook ad campaign with variations in color, image use, and even the call-to-action wording. Once you test and see which ad design leads to more clicks, adjust your spending accordingly.

  • Color Psychology – Believe it or not the psychological effect that colors can have on your target audience is not only real, but essential. This phenomenon has been proven through testing over the years. For instance: Older generations prefer blue and green, whereas the younger consumers respond to yellow and red. As far as colors that people tend to shy away from, purple and brown both score high on the dislike list. Although this theory is real it’s not bulletproof. So do your research and use the colors that best fit your brand and prospective customers. And don’t be afraid to try something different.

  • Credibility – Making outlandish claims may get you more clicks, but the trust you lose in the long run will do more harm than good. While you should not be afraid to make bold claims and statements in your social media ads, you should be able to back them up with results. For instance, claiming that your sports camp will lead a kid to a career as a professional athlete may get you some clicks, but it is not realistic. Claims like this might even seem so outrageous that potential customers see your ads as spam. In addition, you will likely lose clients in the long run if you have set unrealistic expectations. Focus more on what you can deliver and how you can do it better than the competition.

  • Location – Depending on the age and interests of you potential clients, there are different target locations that could provide optimal results. For younger consumers, mobile news feeds might be the right spot. For the older crowd, maybe you should invest more in a desktop news feed placement. If money is an issue, desktop right column ads tend to be more economical, however they are smaller so you might want to consider bolder images and less font with this option.

  • Fear – A buyer’s fear is the biggest impediment to successful sales. A product or service not delivering as advertised is one of the most quoted reason for not buying. So use tools to make your potential customers feel at ease. One strategy for defeating this is offering free consultations, products or trials. VIP and celebrity testimonials have an even bigger impact. If you can’t swing a VIP, no worries, just satisfied client testimonials can make a huge difference as well as they help to gain a potential client’s trust.
Using the above design methods can make your sports social media ads more powerful than ever. Remember, placing your ad on Facebook is only the first step. You have to follow-up with a strategy that will get your ad noticed and clicked on, and the design is a great place to start. Consider checking on your audience targeting, and make sure your text and call-to-action are effective as well. After that it’s just a matter of fine-tuning your methods and watching your bottom line grow!

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