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The Power of Capturing Sports on Camera

Posted by Fred Miller | Apr 5, 2017 4:28:03 PM

The Equipment & Skill Needed to Capture a Great Action Shot

Picture This! It's halftime at an intense game and you've decided to take a photo of the field and post it to your Instagram. You put your phone back in your pocket and check it later that night to find that only 10 of your 1000+ followers liked it. Why the poor response? You start to think, maybe I need a better camera? Is my smart phone cutting it?

There are a few simple tips that you can follow to make your content eye catching throughout your marketing, be it social media, emails, or your website!


First, you need to take the time to publish meaningful, thoughtful content to multiple social media platforms, for any hope of gaining views, likes and re-posting. A picture of a ball on the ground without a good caption will be hidden quickly. The same picture with a great caption about the game you just witnessed has a better chance of rising to the top.


Second, you need to take good photos.

Ok, so what kind of camera do I need to take good photos?

There's a famous quote in the photography world that answers the question above. "The best camera is the one that's with you." This is especially true today! With today's smartphones you have access to an amazing camera that can record HD video (some even record 4k) and all you need to do is pull it out of your pocket. If you're on the sideline, you don't need to carry around a giant DSLR camera. Let's be honest, it will probably break when a ball comes flying in your direction. Plus, there are so many settings that you need to learn and adjust to make sure each picture looks good.


Well, I've got a smartphone. What now?!

Taking a good photo has a lot to do with the person behind the camera. But, you don't need to be a professional photographer to take a good photo. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to take better photos. Check out the video How to take Better Photos with your iPhone for a simple tutorial on how to make the best use of your cellphone's camera, capturing amazing shots.


To Summarize:

Use the rule of thirds - Divide your image into thirds horizontally & vertically. Then, put the subject in the intersection of those thirds.

Don't use Zoom - If you want to take a picture of something far away, move closer.

Use Panorama mode - If everything won't fit in your image, use the panorama mode to capture more!

Shooting outside, Use HDR mode - The darks and lights of your image will be more detailed.

Tap the screen on your subject - This will focus and adjust the light so that they are in focus.

Don't use Flash - Most phone cameras do pretty well in low light. It makes the colors look weird and most times you don't need it.


What about taking video?

Some of these same techniques can be practiced when shooting video. There are a few extra tips and tricks that can be used to make your videos look more exciting. The video below gives some good examples of how to take amazing video! Although the teacher is a travel video maker, his techniques can be used effectively for any kind of video and is especially for outdoor and action filming.


To summarize:

Shoot from a low angle - This angle makes things look bigger and more exciting.

Use Cinematic Movement or no movement at all - Pick a direction and move that way consistently, (Up, Down, Side to Side, whatever) or Don't move at all

Find the Flow - Cut out the boring parts. If you've got video of someone running, use the most exciting parts.


Take Aways

When posting, remember that making a little effort to publish meaningful content can have a huge payoff on social media.

Learn and practice using your camera. Take a few minutes a day to take pictures and video until you feel comfortable.

And most importantly, have fun capturing and sharing the moments that you're experiencing with your athletes!

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Written by Fred Miller

As a Customer Success Rep, Fred loves helping sports businesses and trainers get the most out of the software they’re using and clearing obstacles through education. Coaches understand the importance of hard work and dedication to become a pro in a way many don’t, and Fred's excited to empower them!