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The NFL's Popularity is at an All-Time High

Posted by Upper Hand | Mar 26, 2013 3:05:40 PM

The NFL's popularity is at an all-time high. Is it just me or has this NFL's Off-Season absolutely insane?! I get it, the NFL is truly “America’s Game.” Each year the NFL takes a stronger leadership position as it relates America’s professional sports landscape. Football has grown so incredibly fast over the past 20 years it is truly amazing. We now have NFL games on Thursday Night, Sunday, Sunday Night and Monday Night; and a few select weekends out of the year Saturday Night! We have 24-7 coverage of the league on “NFL Network” and every major sports network knows that The NFL drives ratings... Well, it isn’t enough to be fully engaged and glued to the television/radio/iPad/computer/etc. during the season from September - February...we now have “pulse periods” to get us through the offseason. A few weeks ago it was the NFL Combine. Can you honestly believe that the sports world was glued to the TV watching young men run, jump and bench press? It was 5 days worth of non-stop coverage watching these future NFL Players work out! The interest it drew was amazing. Now we are in the middle of “Free Agency.” Key players are changing teams in 30 minute increments, fans are dissecting their team’s salary cap situation doing math trying to figure out who they can afford and what the strategy will be. NFL fans are refreshing their twitter feeds every 5 minutes hoping that their team will be the next to announce big news...this is awesome! After the Free Agency period is over in a few weeks then it is NFL Draft Time in late April! NFL Fans will be hanging on every word that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. say so they can get an idea of what their team will do in the draft. Because of the hard salary cap that NFL Teams have to adhere to, the draft becomes vital because if they hit on an impact player via the draft the team can get great production for very little financial burden. So what happens after mid-May when all the post draft analysis is over? Die hard NFL fans don’t even want to think about those dark days that lie ahead. For now at least, fans have to cross off days in their calendar until preseason begins in August...3 very long, dull, NFL-less months. But we manage to get through it every year and who knows, the NFL is good about keeping us engaged...maybe they will come up with another ‘pulse period’ for us to obsess over! Enjoy the NFL Offseason while it is here...and if you are absent a team to root for, there is plenty of room over here on the Atlanta Falcons bandwagon! Rise Up!  

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Written by Upper Hand

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