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The NBA is Back!

Posted by Upper Hand | Nov 5, 2013 11:54:26 AM

NBA With an eventful World Series behind us and football in full swing, the NBA is back! This off season didn’t have a lack of headlines. From CP3 committing to LA, to Dwight’s decision to dump LA, to Derrick Rose’s #return (again), to future hall of famers making a new home in Brooklyn, to the Cavs shocking draft… 2013-2014 will certainly not disappoint. Here’s how we feel this season will shake up. In the East: Chicago Bulls - With DRose now healthy, this is the best overall team in the league. The balance of speed, defense, size, depth, and experience, gives the Bulls the best shot at the #1 seed and home court in the playoffs. Miami Heat - Why aren’t they a number 1 you ask? If the Heat are smart, they will rest Wade for 10-15 games in the regular season to prep for the playoffs. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Greg Oden should give the team some much needed bulk down low… if he can make it to December. Brooklyn Nets - KG, Joe Johnson, Darren Williams, Brook Lopez, and Paul Pierce offer the best starting 5 in the NBA. Not much depth behind them but should be enough talent to make some noise throughout the year and in the playoffs. KG will also teach Lopez what it takes to be a “great” player in the NBA… not just a “good” player. Indiana Pacers - Granger’s injury seems to be lingering but this tough squad did make huge leaps last season in the right direction but the east is very deep. No one will want to play them in the playoffs. Their size is second to none and Paul George is poised to be a true superstar. New York Knicks - Didn’t do much to change their roster from last year and Melo already is talking free agency. Don’t see much happning at the Garden this winter. Cleveland Cavs - Kyrie is a superstar and ready to prove it. Detroit Pistons - Surprise Team of the year! New look with Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and a deep bench will keep them in games all year long. Atlanta Hawks - Paul Milsap and Al Horford should make up for a challenging low post presence for any team in the east. Guard play is questionable… First Round: Bulls beat Hawks, Heat beat Detroit, Nets beat Cavs, Pacers beat Knicks Second Round: Nets beat Bulls, Heat beat Pacers Conference Finals: Heat beat Nets In the West: LA Clippers - There are very few coaches in the NBA that can make a real impact in their first year… Doc Rivers is one of the few. Chris Paul decided to stay to end the curse of Clippers and raise the first ever banner for this franchise. Memphis Grizzlies - Mike Conley will lead this talented team to the best record in the west. Golden State - Healthy David Lee, Andre Iguadola, Bogut, and Stephen Curry are ready to make a run at a title. San Antonio - They just win. Oklahoma City - Westbrook and Durant are super stars but have zero help around them. Watch for a mid season trade to improve their line up. Houston Rockets - It’s Dwight’s time to shine. Young and athletic but do they have enough to compete in the west? We saw what Dwight did in Orlando with no one around him… enter… James Harden Utah Jazz - Will win games simply because of their strong home court advantage. One or two players away from being a powerhouse. Dallas Mavericks - Simply because I don’t like the playoffs without Dirk in them. First round: Clippers beat Mavs, Grizzlies beat Jazz, Rockets shock Golden State, OKC beat Spurs Second Round: Rockets beat Grizzlies, OKC beats Clippers Conference Finals: Rockets beat OKC Finals:
Game 6 NBA Finals Heat beat Rockets MVP: Lebron James Comeback Player: Greg Oden Coach of the Year: Jason Kidd Defensive Player of the year: Dwight Howard Rookie of the Year: Victor Oladipo Most Improved: Eric Bledsoe Written By: Jeremy Clouse

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