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The Costs of Building a Sports Website

Posted by Kevin MacCauley | Nov 9, 2016 3:58:09 PM

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Sports Website?

When you are looking into building a sports website, there are a lot of factors to consider. After all, you want to be sure that it encompasses all of the features that you could possibly want, and that it will successfully represent and deliver your brand. This includes exploring design, functionality, and providing a quality user experience.

Cost is a top consideration as well. What is it going to cost to build a new website? Will the return on your investment be high enough?


There are various components that go into the full cost of building a website. This means you need to consider such expenses as:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting fees
  • Design & Development
  • Features
  • Security
  • Maintenance and support

Domain Name
One of the first website costs is that of your sports domain name. A dot-com website is going to be the most popular, and this is because it is what people expect to enter into the address bar of a browser. GoDaddy and others have a fee of about $10 to $15 per year.

More expensive options exist as well, such as if you plan on purchasing a pre-owned domain that may already have a significant amount of traffic going to it. If you want to do this, you may be able to find it on sale or in an option, though it could cost you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Hosting Fees
You then have to look at hosting fees, which are usually on a monthly or annual basis. This is what will keep your website active and available. Many web hosting companies offer up inexpensive rates of about $10 per month or less, though it can vary based upon the storage you need and whether you want to be on a shared server or have a private one.

Sports Website Design & Development Fees
People will often first judge a sports business on the design, look and feel of their website. You want to have a great looking sports website design for those first time visitors, in order to build a credible, reliable brand. And sometimes, depending on the needs and priorities of the sports business, it is worth it to spend the extra money on design as opposed to using a standard template. There are plenty of Wordpress themes that will allow you to get something relatively unique – and you can make some changes for a customized look. The cost of a template could be as low as $59 (to download the template). If you want a designer to get involved, it could be $5,000 or more. Typically, templates require some basic to intermediate knowledge to install appropriately and advanced knowledge if the process breaks down during installation. You will also want to be sure to keep your template and website design updated on a regular basis so all the technical pieces are consistently work together.

An array of features are available to be added. Many of these plugins are free while a few are going to cost you a little bit of money. Some of the features you may want to include will allow you to create custom contact forms, have a pop-up window asking people to subscribe to your newsletter, or the capability to interact with social media. Some of these are only about $29 and will give you a host of options to choose from.

Security, Maintenance, and Support
Finally, you have to look at security, maintenance, and support. This will ensure that your website is not going to be targeted by any malware or hackers. WordPress in particular is popular and therefore a target for hackers. Various security solutions exist for around $10 per month and will provide an array of security-related plug-ins and services.

If there are any issues with your website, such as when you need to make an update to the theme or plug-in, or clean up the disaster of a hack, there are various maintenance and support options, including what comes standard with WordPress.

Summary of Costs
If you purchase a theme as opposed to developing your own design, you could get away with spending approximately $500 a year, which isn't bad. If you decide to go with something more expensive, built from scratch, the initial costs could be upwards of $10,000. Overall, plan on doing some in-depth research about the various options that exist as you select what you want for your sports website design and functionality.

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Written by Kevin MacCauley

Kevin is the CEO at Upper Hand, a sports software company aiming to simplify front and back-end office tasks, by providing cutting-edge marketing and registration tools, and business intelligence, that enable unsurpassed performance for sports businesses across the nation.