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Sports Social Media Tips to Engage with Holiday Shoppers

Posted by Kevin MacCauley | Nov 22, 2016 11:26:49 AM

Part 2: Growing Your Social Media Following During December

December is an incredibly busy month for many families. It's also a great time to dig in and build your social media following, making the most of advertising opportunities throughout the holiday season. You want your December social media marketing plan to stand out, attract interest and bring in followers who will become loyal fans of your business. Here are a few recommendations to help your sports business reach new clients during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


Optimize Content for Conversions

From January through October, your primary social media goal is to drive engagement: to convince customers to like, comment on, and share your posts. In November and December, however, spending goes up more significantly than at any other time of the year. You want your business to be able to take advantage of that increase in spending! Produce content that is specifically designed to raise conversion rates. For example:

  • Produce content that explains why purchasing a credit to attend a sports camp, join a league, or attend a training program, will make a great Christmas gift for young athletes.
  • Create discussion around what gifts are being purchased from your business this year (what is trending!)
  • Share promotions and offerings just for the holidays that will help make your services an even more tempting gift. For example, offer an increase in personal coaching sessions for the same price or a discount on sessions purchased during the holiday season.
  • In addition, offer incentive for customers to purchase your services for themselves at this time of year, rather than just for others as gifts. Promote offers in which personal training sessions are cheaper now than they will be in January, an extended year membership at a club that begins when the membership is purchased and runs through the end of the next calendar year, or discounted tickets to next year’s sporting events.

Embrace the Season

During the holidays, people are filled with feelings of goodwill. They want to see positive, uplifting messages, engage in opportunities to donate to organizations that are doing good work, and reach out to friends and family that they don't get to see during other times of the year. Your business offers plenty of opportunities to embrace the season--and you need to share that with your social media followers! Consider strategies like:

  • Showing family bonding activities that can be found at your facility, like learning a new sport together or checking out a new way to exercise as a group
  • Discussing how couples can benefit from training sessions together
  • Explaining the value of your favorite sport throughout the entire year and why it should be a focus this holiday season
  • Highlighting opportunities for family games over the holidays, from a backyard game of football to training for a holiday marathon or 5k

Highlight Evergreen Content With a Holiday Spin

Creating holiday-themed content sounds like an excellent way to attract interest in your sports training business. Whether you're thinking about a list of the best sports-themed gift ideas or highlighting the reasons a trip to sports camp makes a great Christmas gift for little Johnny, your social media content will be sure to stand out to parents in the holiday spirit. There's just one problem: the minute January rolls around, that content won't be useful again until next year. Instead, here are some alternative strategies:

  • Highlight "gifts" in your blog and website content, not just "holiday gifts" or "Christmas gifts" for year-round appeal.
  • Use your messaging in social media posts for holiday-specific references, rather than messaging within your blog itself.
  • Look for ways to vary your sports content so that it's not all focused on the holidays.
  • Keep ahead of the curve: provide some information about what's coming for your business in the New Year, too.

Keep in mind that engagement and content are still the most critical ways to reach out to your customers, gradually building your social media following. By integrating the upcoming holidays into your social media marketing plan, however, you can create a significant shift in the number of people who are following your account and how they engage with your business. Have you created your social media strategy for the holidays yet? It's time to get started so that you don't miss out on vital opportunities to engage with your customers.

Series: Big Impact Social Media for Sports Organizations

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Written by Kevin MacCauley

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