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Ep 24: Superb Soccer Academy - Dwight Findlay

Posted by Upper Hand | Feb 14, 2018 3:01:08 PM

Dwight Findlay is the Founder and director of Coaching & Performance Development for Superb Soccer Academy. Dwight is a member of the United Soccer Coaches, and he holds Regional and State diplomas for coaching children from the ages of 3 to 18. He has been coaching youth players for over 10 years. He focuses on holistic soccer coaching methods, developing mind & body through proper skill, technique, nutrition, and the establishment of character and sportsmanship traits. Dwight was recently named the Mideastern Conference Conference 2017 Coach of The Year for his high school coaching job!


You can read an overview of the interview with Dwight Findlay or listen to the podcast below for the full interview.


Q: What is the vision and mission behind Superb Soccer Academy and How did you get started?

A: Our goal is to support the player and help them reach whatever goals and dreams they have a desire to achieve within the sport. Also to encourage or  inspire the players to develop the hidden piece which I feel like is very important in player development which is the character side of the game as well. So really looking at a holistic approach of helping players reach their goal in the support and also being just amazing citizens.


Q: Tell us a little about what you're working on at the moment?

A: Right now we’ve got our yearly or annual spring break camp coming up...The other thing that we’re working on right now is the development of a non-profit aspect of our programs where our goal is to be able to reach players that can't afford to financially support themselves, or their families can't financially support themselves, to be able to participate in different athletic programs. So we want to take away that obstacle for parents... And then the third thing which I'm really excited about is the development of an app to really help the players within our school keep track of their progress... So those are the three things that have been sort of heavy on our plates,  we've been working on here for the last few months or so.


Q: Tell us a story about one of your proudest moments in your coaching career?

A: Yeah probably pretty recently I just, based on a request from a few parents...I ended up coaching a high school team for the first time this season and it was very encouraging to be able to sit with the senior group before the season started and for us to discuss the philosophy of the program and what we wanted the program to be… It was very encouraging to see after the discussion and before the season... the hard work the boys put in... so I was very proud of the work that the boys put in and just what the team was able to accomplish... And then the other aspect of that is that, I was very surprised at the culture of the coaches in our community. I was surprised that they would nominate me for Coach of the Year. so that was very encouraging, being sort of a new kid on the block... I think just the support of the other coaches as well Around seeing the transition end development of the team, I think that was a proud moment.


Q: Tell us a story about some of the challenges you faced in your coaching/athletic career and how you overcame them, or maybe you still are?

A: I think one of the challenges I always seem to face is that, I think player development... does not always equal winning. I think what I'm sort of learning over the years is that, as a coach… there are goals that you may set, or philosophies that you may want to impart into the development of a team. And your long-run goal may be to get that team to the point where the team can actually be effective and win games, but I think sometimes that it's a challenge to communicate that winning and development are separate things and sometimes you need to lose some games to be able to win in the development area. So I think I'm still learning the importance of how to communicate that effectively to parents, and I think that's sometimes a challenge…


Q: How do you think technology is changing the way you work and coach?

A: ...When I think of technology, I think of engagement. It really drives the engagement of the player, the engagement on the Coach. It drives more engagement with the parents.  and so really when a player come to us they're interested in how can I improve my game and sometimes it's very clear what they want to be able to do... And for us one of the other aspects that we are really working to develop is to be able to really help players have an objective individual view of their progress...


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