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Accept then Track Check and Cash Payments | Sports Management Software

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 19, 2015 11:04:23 AM

Here's what is new and improved to help coaches and athletic academies through Upper Hand sports management software:

(1) Accept check and cash payments
(2) Track check and cash payments
(3) New payment intelligence data Want to learn more about the new features,
get a demo with our team and we will teach you about them.

(1) Accept check and cash payments

For many businesses, cash and check payments while a small percentage of the overall payment mix, is still a critical piece of tracking the full "book of business". Now with Upper Hand sports software, you have the ability to manage your payment options to include credit cards, checks, and/or cash.

When your clients checkout, they will have the option to select which payment type they would like to use. For check and cash payments, they will be provided with due dates and to whom the check is payable (where necessary). 
And remember, here are 3 reasons why you should always offer credit card payment options as part of they payment mix.

(2) Track check and cash payments

One of the biggest costs to accepting check and cash over credit cards is the amount of time, energy and effort it takes tracking who owes money, depositing funds, and marking who has paid. With the new check and cash payment options, Upper Hand sports software now provides tracking services to help reduce time spent and costs associated with these payment types.

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(3) New payment intelligence data

To provide you with continued insight into your business metrics, we also launched new intelligence around the breakdown of your payment types. Showing a breakdown of your business by payment type, outstanding debt, incoming cash payments, and more. 
Learn more about how to access and use the new intelligence reports.

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