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Improved Client Experience with Automated Sports Management Software

Posted by Upper Hand | Mar 6, 2017 5:08:45 PM

Key Pillars to Keeping Clients Happy With Automated Sports Management Software

Automation has become a major technology pursuit in virtually every industry, though some may think it only applies to the industrial world. You probably know you can use automated systems through sports management software, to make back-off tasks easier and more efficient for your and your staff, but are you aware of the improvements this type of automation can bring to your clients?


After years of using paper-based systems, you’ve probably realized things are changing too fast to keep doing things the same. Maybe you're starting to lose documents resulting in miscommunication, errors in scheduling, and most likely frustrated customers.

Trying to clear up mistakes made in sports registration, scheduling or payment methods can ultimately sully your reputation. In addition, even if your team has a paper system that runs like a well-oiled machine, it is likely that an automated system will free-up time you didn’t even realize you were losing!

Here are some of the key pillars to keeping clients happy with help from automated sports management software.

Being Mobile-Friendly

There isn't anything more important than being mobile-friendly when running a sports business or sports camp. With parents usually being on the go, and stats showing most teens using mobile to find information, this is a do or die tech move for your sports business.

Most people want more efficiency in their day-to-day activities, so mobile-friendly registration and scheduling adds to the convenience and will be a huge benefit to your clients.

In addition, when your sports website and registration pages are mobile-friendly, it will eliminate additional communication and back-and-forth with clients, as they can easily access information on their own.

Most importantly, access to a mobile sports application for both your staff and clients, opens up a convenient method for dealing with registration and other issues that could otherwise lead to errors or wasted time.

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Easy Registration On-the-Go

One area that can lead to confusion for clients is registration for a sports camp or training program you're organizing. Finding your event registration information and going through the registration process should be seamless for your clients. With sports software, you can easily email your registrations links to past participants.

An online automated registration process makes it easy to keep track of who is registered and paid, while eliminating paperwork for staff and clients.

More Convenient Payment Methods

Because parents pay for their child athletes to attend your training programs, they want payment flexibility. The days of having to send checks and cash are behind us. This is a slow and outdated process that potentially leads to theft or losses. In addition, receiving electronic payments immediately at signup, can seriously improve your cash flow.

Allowing payment by credit card is essential, and automation and payment processing software make this easier than ever. Not only do you receive payment faster this way, but clients have a better system of paying and keeping track of lessons they have purchased. When you make it easy for parents to spend money with your business, they are likely to purchase more.

Smart Scheduling

Automated scheduling right at registration is a huge win for both your staff and your clients. The days of phone-tag and syncing multiple calendars are far behind us with smart scheduling as a part of sports management software.

Clients can schedule their training based on the pre-selected dates you have provided in the software. This will help you avoid double-booking while giving parents control over their schedule.

Training Reminders

Make sure if you’re utilizing a sports software, it allows automation to send client reminders about their scheduled training times.

If you or your staff has to manually make calls or send email reminders, it is likely that both you, and your client could miss the event. Automated reminders through not just email, but text as well, can help cut-down on confusion and no-shows.

Upper Hand provides sports management software that brings automation to all of your front and back-office tasks. From registration and scheduling to promotional emails, we bring your clients nothing but the best, modern and mobile-friendly platform.

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