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Why High Quality Sports Gear Can Up a Player's Game

Posted by Alex Handy | Oct 26, 2016 11:27:05 AM

Making the Right Sports Gear Recommendations 

Athletes and their parents go through the same process multiple times a year. Whether it be the beginning of the season, a sports camp, or off-season training, after registration comes a trip (or two) to the closest sporting goods store to purchase the necessary equipment and apparel. When you are preparing athletes and parents for this scenario, there are a handful of important aspects to look into, to ensure your athletes are ready to play great in their new gear.


  1. Protection and Injury Prevention
    Protecting your athletes is the most important reason to look at the newest apparel and equipment on the market. In this day and age the amount of technology used to test each item is astonishing, companies spend vast amounts of money to ensure their products aid in the prevention of injury. In addition to doing your research on the latest gear in terms of injury prevention, athletes will need to inspect each piece of protective gear to make sure it still fits properly and nothing is broken at the start of each season. Using improperly fitted gear is one of the leading causes of sports related injuries and can interfere with your athlete's overall performance according to Culture of Safety.
  1. Increasing Mobility
    Form fitting compression clothing can be restrictive if it doesn’t fit perfectly. When athletes and parents are shopping for compression apparel they need to make sure it fits properly so it won’t hinder mobility when they are competing. One of the most important pieces of equipment are the supportive compression pants or shorts worn under the equipment and jersey. So make sure you include a suggestion, as far as what brand and type of compression clothing your athletes will need. This will keep parents from walking into a sporting goods store and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of options. Without a coach’s recommendation, most athletes and parents will not know whether or not they are making the right decision. The coach knows what the athlete needs to increase mobility and overall performance.
  1. Confidence
    “Look good, feel good, play good,” is a motto echoed in locker rooms across the world and there’s truth to the saying. Studies in the cognitive field have shown that there is a positive impact of wearing the right clothes for your workplace termed, “enclothed cognition,” which is a phenomenon that transfers over to sports. You want your athletes to be confident when they get suited up, so consider offering a few options so athletes can pick out the specific gear and apparel that they truly want. How they feel in their gear plays an integral part in their overall performance. You can read more about “enclothed cognition” and the theory behind the saying, “Look good, feel good, play good,” in Science Direct.

Keep in mind as a coach, you are the professional. You know what brands are on the market and what gear and apparel will work best for your athletes. Let parents and athletes know what gear they need for sports training and games, then point them to where they can actually purchase this equipment. I’m sure you’ve gotten those calls from parents the night before training starts, saying they couldn’t find the shoes Johnny needs in any local store. Eliminate this added stress with a custom retail shop built exclusively on your website, for your athletes.

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Written by Alex Handy