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Posted by Upper Hand | Jun 26, 2017 12:00:58 PM

Facebook Ad Specs, Tips, Webinars & All Your Need-to-Knows!

If you missed our webinar Targeting Facebook Ads Using BI, download it here, and get helpful tips from Upper Hand CEO, Kevin MacCauley. The webinar will help you create ads using Facebook targeting features to reach potential clients by age, location, gender, interests and more!


Before you can start advertising on Facebook, follow these simple steps to Create a Facebook Page for your sports business.

Ad Design Resources:

Remember the ideal measurements for Facebook Ads are 1,200 x 628 pixels with less than 20% text. Your ads will appear different sizes depending on the ad placement you choose, so be sure to keep this differentiation in mind when designing! Here’s a guide to the appearance of different ad placements.

Using templates will help you ensure that your ads are the right size to present high quality images, with the most effective amount of text. Here are some helpful design tools:

  • Canva offers some great templates for Facebook ads, that you can customize yourself. In addition they offer many free images and graphics you can include in your add, and others you can use for $1.
  • If you’d rather pay someone to do the bulk of your ad designing, you can use Envatomarket sports Facebook ad templates starting at just $5. 

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