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Facebook Ads: Why Color, Imagery & Design Psychology Matter

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 5, 2017 4:38:46 PM

Designing Facebook Ads for Your Sports Business:

Not long ago, we explored how Facebook ads can help sports businesses like yours become easier to find online. One of the greatest aspects of Facebook is the attention to customization. Facebook’s ad experience allows your business to create an ad format that best suits your business’s brand, goals, and the training you're offering.

While this gives you a wide creative toolbox to work with, you still need to think about the details in your ad presentation. Don't overlook the most visual aspects of your ad, including its color, images and design psychology.


Keep in mind that sports training is actually a very visual industry. All things related to sports are about compelling visuals, as well as emotion. Integrating these components can lead to an ad that goes above and beyond just mere promotion. Here are some visual tips to keep in mind when designing your Facebook ads in order to give visitors a viewing experience.


How Important is Color in Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ad analysts continually reiterate how important color is on a psychological level. While you've likely heard plenty about this, how does color really work in an ad on Facebook?

Thinking about which colors best represent your sports brand will help you increase brand recognition within your key demographic audience. However, you also need to take into account that certain colors usually do better than others in conveying a specific message.

According to psychologic studies, blue creates the strongest sense of trust. It's also the favorite of both genders if you're not catering solely to men vs. women. If you're just starting to gain a reputation in sports training, adding some blue to your ad design could be a great way to build trust with your new audience.

Subtlety is important here. Even a specific color around the border of your Facebook Ad could increase your click-through-rate. Yet, you need color contrast to gain the most attention. Don't use blue or white alone, because you might blend in with the Facebook color scheme.


What Kind of Images Should You Use?

Sports training is all about results, plain and simple. While that's not necessarily the entire story behind your brand, you want your ads to showcase how well you bring physical results to your clients.

At the core of a successful Facebook ad is matching your image with your overall message. Find what your message is and use one or more compelling images to tell your story. Thanks to a number of different ad formats using photos or slideshows, you can easily do this with more than just one image. As such, you can basically create a narrative through photos.

To incorporate color here, you can include any sports equipment you use in training that is branded to your business. Using branding colors is going to help audiences remember you in the future.

Be careful in making sure your photos are high-quality. Bad lighting can make you look amateurish when advertising your business. In addition, a sharp, crisp image is much more likely to pull in a viewer’s attention. You might also try tugging at emotions and desires with something like a before and after photos. More on that below!


Incorporating Emotion Into Your Design

Now, look at the full picture of your design. How compelling it is to an outside viewer? What type of emotion does it invoke? It it motivational? Inspiring? It's here where you may need to run some A/B testing to see what really resonates with your audience. 

Psychology plays a huge part is telling a story that resonates. As Kissmetrics points out, using the FOMO method is one of the best approaches. "FOMO" is an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out."

The best way to invoke emotions in sports is to invoke a desire to meet a physical goal. Communicate to clients that if they train properly, and specifically with your business, they will be on a path to success! And if they don’t properly train for their respective sport, they won't achieve the results they want.

By creating ads that give a sense of urgency (like a limited discount on your training program), you can also persuade the audience they need to respond quickly.

Reminding people about how training now can reap huge rewards in sports and in life is the greatest call-to-action you can muster.

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