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How a Good Contact Database Can Improve Your Sports Business

Posted by Danielle McNally | Jul 18, 2016 10:54:55 AM

Building and maintaining your contact database:

As you work to grow your sports business, you are likely meeting a number of new athletes and parents each and every day. These are potential new clients, and it is crucial that you have a system in place to keep track of these contacts. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you keeping your business contacts separate from your personal contacts? Are you filtering contacts by the training and events they have expressed interest in? Have you considered how sports contact database software could eliminate some of these pain points and help you easily manage these tasks?


If you aren’t addressing these questions when it comes to developing your constantly growing contact list, you are losing out on opportunities to turn new contacts into paying clients. It is time to create a well organized contact database.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s crucial to build and maintain your contact database:

  1. Out-of-date Contacts - As the years pass some of your past clients contacts become out-of-date, maybe the client is no longer within the age range for which you offer training, or perhaps they’ve moved to a new address. This is a great reason to have your contacts well organized so you can filter them into groups. Successful contact database management allow you to sort through and easily archive old contacts and contact groups, that you no longer use.
  1. It’s All About Who You Know - Today it is becoming increasingly more about who you know and the network of connections you make. If you meet someone who would be a great client for your sports business but you don’t have a way to keep track of their information, there is a chance you may lose their information and consequently lose that opportunity to grow your business. Having an easily accessible contact database will prevent this from happening and allow you to quickly add a contact and keep track of how you follow-up and stay in touch! In addition, with everyone’s network constantly growing, this potential client could be receiving information from other businesses interested in offering them sports services, making a quick turnaround and organized follow-up  even more vital.
  1. Easy Marketing - Do you have a big training event coming up that you are trying to market to a certain target audience? Having an organized contact database will allow you to easily send notifications and lead your contacts to take action and register. By separating your contacts into business and personal, you can easily send a marketing email to your business contacts without having to worry about sending an email to your 60-year-old neighbor who doesn’t want to register for your high school sports camp. As your contact database grows, take this even further, by keeping track of what events clients have attended in the past, focusing your marketing emails on what interests your audience.

Get the Upper Hand - Looking for a way to keep all of your business contacts in one place, easily organizing them into groups so that you can filter who you market to, and prevent contact loss? Upper Hand sports software offers tools to host and manage your contact database, while offering your clients a great user experience!

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Topics: Contact Management, Sports Business Management

Written by Danielle McNally

Danielle is on the Customer Success team at Upper Hand, a sports software company aiming to simplify front and back-end office tasks, by providing cutting-edge marketing and registration tools, and business intelligence, that enable unsurpassed performance for sports businesses across the nation.