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Sports Camp Flyers that Can Boost your Registration

Posted by Upper Hand | Feb 22, 2017 4:11:55 PM

Boost your Enrollment with an Eye-Catching Camp Flyer

What if you could increase your registrations for your upcoming sports camps by tweaking a few design elements on your flyers or brochures? Whether they are printed, emailed or even posted on social media or your sports website, these tips for your sports camp flyers can help boost your registrations:



  • Include a headline that stands out: Your headline is worth a few extra moments of consideration. If done properly, the header is the first place the eyes are drawn to, and it will serve as your first impression. This one line can determine whether or not the rest of the information is even read. Consider something that seems catchy and clever to make your piece memorable.

  • Make your offer pop: You should have a clear value proposition that is big and utilizes a clear, easy to read font. It should be easily understood that the offer is intended for the reader and why it’s of interest to them.

  • Use colorful graphics that stand out: Color helps your audience see what they want to see and can evoke the feeling you are aiming to create and encourage action. Less is more on a flyer. One great image that is eye-catching is better than multiple sub-par images. Your image has the capability to tell your story and evoke emotion, but can also by overwhelming and unclear. Choose wisely!

  • Highlight the benefits of your sports camp: What makes yours different? There are many youth camp offerings in communities all over the U.S. What is your unique selling proposition? Why should parents choose to enroll their kids in your camp instead of the one a few miles away? List your benefits in a clear and easy to read format.

  • Utilize testimonials from past participants: Testimonials have been shown to communicate the value of your particular sports event. Be sure to choose a testimonial that is written clearly for the intended audience and highlights why someone should choose your camp. 
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  • Keep your flyer organized by utilizing boxes, contrasting colors and borders that stand out: Utilize bullet points and infographics to organize your design.

  • Information should be clear and easy to understand: Don't make the reader search for price, dates, time, etc. These are all pertinent elements that weigh into a decision, and if your information is not easy to find, they will go on to the next one available in their search or the next flyer hanging on the bulletin board.

  • Proofread: Proofread, then proofread again. Then ask a couple more people to proofread. Nothing ruins credibility faster than a flyer full of grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Have a unique offer: Create an offer that is specific to that specific piece and provides an incentive for readers to act right away if possible. Include a specific call to action.

The following sports flyers are examples that possess many of the recommended tips along with the elements that make them stand out:

  1. This baseball camp flyer is a good example of an effective sports camp flyer. The headline pops and the reader's eyes are drawn to it first. It utilizes professional looking graphics, concise information about the camp including dates, time, age groups and cost. The flyer also indicates that participants can learn "baseball secrets" providing a unique value. In addition, it includes all relevant information needed to register for the camp. This camp may not need a special offer to get people to sign up. They may already have a good reputation and a high success rate with enrollment. If not, they could utilize a unique offer that could help boost the piece.

  2. This football camp flyer is professional looking, has a graphically appealing headline and professional image featured. It also provides urgency for action by noting that the camp is available for a certain amount of kids only. Date/time/cost are all listed clearly along with the unique benefits of the camp. For example, they highlight the certification of their camp football coaches.

  3. This volleyball flyer is well-organized utilizing sharp graphics and clearly defined boxes to break up the information. Professional photos increase the reputation of the camp. The piece highlights the fact that University coaches will be participating in the coaching at the camp which provides a unique benefit for participants attending this particular camp. Registration information, including date and time are all included with easy to read instructions and other highlights of the camp.

If you spend a few minutes reviewing the recommended tips and utilize the appropriate ones for your event flyer, this extra effort can lead to increased registrations for your next sports camp or event!


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