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Ins & Outs of Incorporating Great Facebook Ad Text

Posted by Upper Hand | May 16, 2017 3:16:12 PM

How to incorporate text into your sports business Facebook ads to increase conversions:

While imagery and color play a major part in how well your sports business Facebook ads perform, there is much more that goes into a top performing ad. We've covered time and time again, how vital imagery is in sports marketing, but now it’s time to ponder what text you're going to use, and how it fits your brand and the action you want viewers to take. One thing about text is that it should work in tandem with your imagery and colors so that each element enhances the other, telling a story. Always keep this in mind rather than focusing too much on one element.

Although Facebook will now let you upload an image with more than 20% text overlay, using too much text can still dock your ad, making it appear less often, not to mention how it may negatively impact your click through rates and actions taken.


How Much Text Should You Really Use?

You don’t need to include all of your text in the ad graphic itself, it’s important to keep in mind that Facebook offers three additional sections to enter text in your ad post.

Trying to determine the sweet spot of how much text you should use can be a tricky balance. Most Facebook analysts recommend making your text under 90 characters. Then the question is, what catches the eye of those interested in your training program? You have to look at your text options as three different sections.

First, your headline is going to tell what your mission is and what you're offering. After this, you'll have your description, allowing for a more detailed description of what your training offer includes.

Finally, you’ll have your post text which appears above your image, and is usually deemed a more terse description of your offer.


Creating Your Headline

What can you say in your headline to catch the attention of your audience? It might be tempting to write in caps to catch viewers eyes, but don't overdo this or your audience may take it as digital shouting, or spam content.

As HubSpot notes, you need to make the headline simple by bringing clarity to what you're offering. Basically, you should whittle your sports training program offer down to one short phrase. This may take some practice, but consider it akin to the sports business version of the elevator pitch.

Asking a question, giving a command, or showing a benefit is the best way to construct your headline. Most of all, you want to create a headline inspiring urgency or curiosity about what sets your training program apart.


Creating a Good Description in Your Ad

When you write your description, you want to make sure it matches the image you use. Considering your description goes under the main image, you'll want to elaborate on the message you're sending in just one or two lines.

Sports training is a personal industry since you'll likely be working one-on-one with your clients. Take this into consideration in how you write your description. Make it as personal as possible as if you’re talking to someone directly. In addition, understanding the pain points of your clients can go a long way in successfully describing how your program will fit their needs.


Adding Post Text

Placing another short description above images usually works the best with the carousel feature on Facebook Ads. With this format, you get more content within a limited space. It lets you create five images with text descriptions accompanying each photo.

Basically, you can create a story this way, which works similarly to Facebook's slideshow format.


Post Overlay Text

The text within your image should be the most brief message of all. This should be your call to action, business name, or brief, catchy slogan. With the three other text options above, you can now see that there is no reason to include more than 20% text on your ad graphic itself.

As long as you think through how you’re going to share your messaging and offer in advance, Facebook ads make it easy to include all the text you could need, in a way that it is easy for your audience to digest.


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