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Should Tony Gonzalez Play One More Year?

Posted by Upper Hand | Jan 27, 2013 11:11:41 AM

Following last Sunday’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the cameras and reporters caught up with Tony Gonzalez in a postgame
interview.  Many fans desperately want Tony to return to play for the Falcons next season.  However, Tony says it will probably be the last time he will wear the jersey or pads again.  He goes on to say that he is not 100 percent sure, but that he is almost positive he will be retiring.  Should Tony Gonzalez retire this season after being so close to accomplishing his dream?  Of course, as many other Falcons fans would say, I would say no. He still plays at such a high level in the NFL…As many football players get older, they are not able to perform at the level that they did when they were younger.
The above is not the case with Gonzalez.  He plays with such power and energy and never drops a pass that comes his way.  In fact, he played his best season ever with the Atlanta Falcons this year by catching
93 balls for 930 yards and scoring 8 touchdowns in the regular season alone.  He is still one of the best tight ends in the league, and I think he can continue to produce these numbers for several more years. Tony’s durability is incredible.  He is in outstanding shape and knows how to avoid big hits.  He has only missed
2 games in 16 years of playing football…think about that for a minute…that’s incredible! The team can always count on Tony Gonzalez to be out on the field giving 100 percent day in and day out.
After viewing Tony Gonzalez’s retirement from a fan’s perspective, I could also look at it from his point of view as a player and certainly agree with his decision.  He has given the majority of his life to football.  He played football and basketball in college for California Berkeley before he was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1997.  In his interview, he mentions his oldest son in Los Angeles and how he wants all his family to be together.  He is gone 6 months out of the year.  Everyone can certainly understand his reasons for his retirement; after all, what is more important than family? Tony does not regret anything, including the time he played in Kansas City and his career here in Atlanta.  He says it has been a great ride, and if he were to return, he would be right back playing for the Falcons. But from a fan’s perspective we are not below begging…TONY, DON’T GO! ONE MORE YEAR!!! #TeamTRAINlete “
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Written by Upper Hand

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