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Posted by Upper Hand | Sep 16, 2012 6:41:03 PM

 We are proud to feature LaMar Campbell in this edition of our
PERSPECTIVE FROM THE PROS series. LaMar attended and played his college football at The University of Wisconsin from ’94-’98. After his college career, LaMar went on to play in the NFL where he was a member of the Detroit Lions from ’98-’04.

 What we admire about LaMar is not just his incredible accomplishments on the football field, but his passion for making a difference and giving back. While in Detroit he participated in countless charities including Big Brother and Big Sister of Detroit. In his post-NFL career he is still very active in the world of charitable activities; Co-Chair for Men Stopping Violence.

LaMar is also incredibly passionate about helping athletes make the transition from their sports careers to successful careers off the field. He does consulting, has a radio show and spends his time speaking to college and pro athletes across the county on preparing for success in the next phase of their lives. He is also a
frequent contributor to CNN! To learn more about his effort, check out his company,
Life After the Game. So from the above you can tell that LaMar is an incredibly busy guy and we are thankful for him taking some time to talk with us. We know you will enjoy the below and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Mr. Campbell in the future!

What is your favorite moment during your youth sports career? I would have to say by far my favorite moment in high school sports was surprisingly not a football memory. As a senior we won the State Championship in Track & Field. On the day I had won Gold Medals in the 4 x 100 Relay, 4 x 400 Relay and the Triple Jump. In the 4 x 400 the second to last event of the day I sprained my hamstring. We needed one point to win our High Schools first State Championship so all I had to do was medal so after two fouls on my last jump I was able to bronze medal and help our team earn it first State Championship. I believe that was the moment that instilled in me the resolve that I would hold onto the rest of my sports career.

What type of additional training work did you do as a youth athlete to help you reach your next level?
Growing up I was always an undersized kind of skinny kid, LOL! So if I was not bigger than everyone I had a couple of choices be faster, smarter and better conditioned. An older kid before had handed me down a weight vest and I used that weight vest during every workout I did throughout my high school career. This way I always trained 10lbs heavier that I actually weighed whether, it was track, basketball, football or even just walking around during the day I always had my vest on. That way and when I competed, I always felt lighter faster and better conditioned and it showed in my performance.

Who has been the biggest influence on your athletic career? Why? I have had so many people help me in athletic career at every level it is hard to just pick one person. I have been blessed to have so many influential people help me through and give me great advice. My family, in particular my Grandfather, who was a great athlete in his own right, started me on the path to always compete and work hard. Work at every sport that I took on, as well with all aspects of life. My high school coach helped instill confidence in me that I could go onto achieve great things after high school. Also all the lessons learned from my coaches at the University of Wisconsin & the Detroit Lions. I can honestly say throughout every aspect of my athletic career I have picked up a nugget of knowledge, strength , confidence and education on what it meant to not only be an athlete but a professional as well.

You played in the Big 10 and then in the NFL...what was your favorite venue to play and why?
 In college, while I always loved to go on the road and take a win from another team in their house, there was nothing like playing in front of our CRAZY home crowd at
Camp Randall – The University of Wisconsin. I can still here the crowd screaming "SOOOOOUUUUUPPP" after I made a big play. While I was in Detroit I had the opportunity to play in some historic stadiums but I always loved to go and play in
Soldier Field in Chicago the home of Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus , and "Sweetness" (
Walter Payton). There was something about the natural grass and the history on that field that always gave me an extra incentive to go up there and kick the Bears butt!
If you could give one piece of advice to any youth athlete looking to reach their next level of success, what would it be? The best piece of advice that I would give any young athlete is when you have the opportunity to speak to someone who has been where you are trying to go, whether it is athletically or professionally that you should listen. There is not and never will be a method that will guarantee your success in athletics and life. Every opportunity that you have will always be what you make of it and seizing the moment will be some of the most important moments of your life. "Always have the perfect state of mind for success." “
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