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Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 29, 2012 1:24:02 PM

There’s a classic scene in the movie “Wayne’s World’ where Garth and Wayne bow down in front of their rock idols and say “We are not worthy!” A similar scene arose when we had the opportunity to spend some time with legendary College Basketball Coach
Bobby Cremins…he’s got a basketball court named in his honor for goodness sakes, “
Cremins Court!”
His list of accolades as a coach and educator is absolutely incredible…he compiled a 60% winning percentage over his career, winning 570 games in 4 stops – Point Park College, Appalachian State, Georgia Tech and College of Charleston. He won the ACC Tournament 3 times and took his 1990 Georgia Tech Team to the Final Four. He was named “Coach of the Year” in the ACC 3 times, and he won the same honor in the Southern Conference another 4 times. Also, in 1990 he was named the “
Naismith College Coach of the Year,” the highest honor for a basketball coach in college athletics.
Coach Cremins also helped numerous players reach the ultimate level of playing in the NBA. A few notable names are Mark Price,
John Salley, Dennis Scott, Brian Oliver, Kenny Anderson, Jon Barry, Travis Best,
Stephon Marbury, Jason Collier and
Matt Harpring. Cremins also was an Asst. Coach on Team USA’s appearance in the Summer Olympic Games of 1996 in Atlanta. He had the opportunity to coach NBA Legends
Charles Barkley,
Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone and others on the “
Dream Team 2,” where he won a Gold Medal!   Coach Cremins is an inspiration and a true legend in the world of basketball coaching.
Coach Cremins retired during the ’11-’12 season while at College of Charleston and needless to say, college basketball will miss him. We are honored and excited to bring you an exclusive chat with Coach Cremins. Enjoy!
TL: Having been a Division 1 Head coach for 32 years, how has coaching changed since you began your career?
Coach Cremins: These days young men want instant gratification they are very impatient. And sometimes don’t understand the process. The early NBA rule has changed things a lot. But the basics remain the same.

TL: With the Olympics coming up and the US looking to repeat as champions, what was it like being a coach for the 1996 Dream Team?
Coach Cremins: We were such a favorite. We knew we were going to win. We did get a couple of scares. the foreign teams have improved with their NBA players and are no longer intimidated by our NBA players. Practices were great except when I tried to officiate. My favorite moment was watching the dream team handle the young girl whose mother was killed in the bombing. I really enjoyed working with Lenny Wilkins and Jerry Sloan.
TL: You have worked with some of the best basketball players of all time. What separates the great players from the average?
Coach Cremins: Definitely confidence. The great ones spend a lot time in the gym and work on their weakness. They are highly motivated to play at the highest level.  
TL: What message would you give to youth athletes today who want to get to the next level?
Coach Cremins: Be patient, confident, and work your tail off.   #TeamTRAINlete "Follow" us on Twitter -
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