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Coordinate Facility Staff with Top Sports Scheduling Software

on Aug 28, 2017 11:24:54 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Updating Your Organizational Procedures:  Do you ever feel like you’re wasting time on back-end management like staffing schedules? Are you able to avoid conflicts and confusion when it comes to who is running what training and when? If you've been in business for a while, perhaps coordinating staff schedules at your sports facility comes down to writing everything down on paper, using aging management software, or even a combination of paper, phone calls, email calendars and the classic company whiteboard. If you're still using the above methods, it's time to ditch them quickly to avoid growing problems, miscommunications, and stop wasting time. To stay competitive, realizing how risky paper-based or out-of-date software systems are can save you a lot of headache.
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6 Ways to Get Client Testimonials to Boost Your Sports Marketing

on Aug 23, 2017 3:22:34 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Gather Client Testimonials in No Time: Customer testimonials and reviews are one of the best ways to connect with new prospects through simply sharing stories from existing clients. This marketing method quickly builds trust and proves that your services are producing the promised results. Finding ways to collect and share customer testimonials should be a priority in your marketing to engage likely clients, enhance your digital strategy, and grow your sports training business. Since 87% of customers share good experiences with others, customers are receptive to posting reviews. Yet, it takes a little nudging and creativity to get them involved. Here are six easy ways to get your clients to submit testimonials for you to use as part of your sports marketing efforts.
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Advantages of a Point of Sale System Built for Sports

on Aug 18, 2017 12:49:36 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Top Reasons to Check Out a POS System:  Running a sports business means taking continual action to find clients who may have to go through complex registration and payments for any training programs. This can start to become a hassle for parents if you continuously use paper-based systems that slow things down. Since many of your clients are busy athletes, they don't want to spend extra time having to fill out registration forms and then mailing it out or returning in person. The same goes with making payments for your training services. Your staff may feel overburdened having to send out paper invoices every day, not including time taken to call about late payments. Not to mention the way in which you put your business and clients at risk when relying on cash, checks and paper based systems. Here are top reasons to use a point of sale system built specifically for sports so you and your staff don't waste time with manual tasks.
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Why Understanding Your Competitors Matters

on Aug 14, 2017 3:57:36 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: When a prospective client receives an email from your sports business, visits your training academy website, or sees one of your posts on social media, odds are they’re not doing it in a vacuum. In fact, according to Adweek more than 4 of every 5 consumers will do online research before making a purchase or deciding on what company to do business with, and most potential clients start by using a search engine. There are all sorts of reasons why clients eventually settle on company “B” vs. companies “A,” “C” and “D.”  Maybe company B has more types of instruction, or they have better trainers, or they give discounts for returning athletes. Maybe company B has a stronger brand mission, or their website layout is more attractive or easier to navigate.
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Preventing Athlete Burnout

on Aug 11, 2017 11:42:42 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
What to know to help athletes recognize and avoid burnout: The fiercely competitive world of sports celebrates those who embody iron will and sheer grit. Not only are they perceived to have an edge over others, but their character is idolized. Statistics from the National Basketball Association (NBA) show that: 1 in 17 high school players play in college 1 in 8,926 high school players is drafted by the NBA 1 in 525 college players is drafted by the NBA
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4 Quick Sports Registration Tips to Increase Revenue

on Aug 6, 2017 9:49:30 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
From marketing to great customer experience, here's how: Are you looking for ways to increase registrations for your training business? According to Capterra, you’re 14x more likely to sell to an existing happy client than you are to sell to a new prospect. Now this doesn’t mean to neglect your efforts to generate new clients, but it does mean that great attention should be placed on your current clients’ experiences. Superb customer retention can be a recurring revenue source that steadily feeds your business. By focusing on previous clients as well as gaining new ones, you can drive sports registration rates and meet your training objectives.
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Steps for Evaluating Your Sports Website Design

on Jul 31, 2017 4:48:51 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
From navigation quality to trust in your brand - Take these steps to evaluate your sports website design:  If your sports business has had the same website for a while, you may be managing your site on autopilot, assuming it is effective. Just because you have a website doesn't mean it's doing the best it can to bring in new clients. In fact, your site can easily become outdated in a matter of months if you haven't bothered to do an evaluation of what is working. It’s important to take some time to see what's really occurring on your sports website by looking at your performance metrics. The steps for evaluating your sports website design aren't overly complicated. Here are some things to scope out as you evaluate your site.
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Build a Cohesive Team & Keep Trainers on the Same Page

on Jul 27, 2017 12:26:37 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
6 Tips for Keeping Staff on the Same Page: Whether you're working with kids at a camp or young athletes in your training center, you want every client who walks through your doors to have the same high-quality experience. Every employee they interact with is a representative of the business. It's important that you keep trainers on the same page -- from sharing your mission to having a solid staff scheduling software -- these tactics can help make that easier.
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6 Creative Ways to Keep Your Sports Training Staff Motivated

on Jul 24, 2017 12:46:40 PM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
Keeping Staff Energized and Engaged to Build a Better Sports Program: Looking for creative ways to energize and motivate your staff? As a sports training brand, you understand the importance of motivating and pushing your clients to greater heights in their athletic ability. Although your admin and staff aren’t actively running drills or exercise routines, they do require motivation to perform at their best in what they do. Taking the time to invest in your team can create a winning work culture where everyone wants to be involved. The good news is, motivating your team doesn’t necessarily mean giving raises and bonuses. There are intangible ways to rejuvenate your sports training staff to boost productivity and keep them excited about coming to work. Here are 6 creative tips to keep staff motivated.
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Using Sports Customer Testimonials to Promote Your Training Business

on Jul 20, 2017 11:37:18 AM | By Upper Hand | 0 Comments
5 Ways to Implement Customer Testimonials in Digital Marketing: Did you know 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations from friends (Source: Forbes)? Customer testimonials are powerful content pieces that can elevate your sports digital marketing and position you in a positive light amongst potential clients. You see, reviews and testimonials do the selling for you! They show that what you’re doing is working - producing the desired results that people expect from your services. Whether you’re attracting parents or athletes to your training business, sharing sports customer testimonials can be a killer way to close the deal. The following offers five unique ways you can implement testimonials in your digital marketing strategy to effectively promote your sports training business.
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