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Onward and Upton Brothers - Atlanta Braves' Outfielders Make History

Posted by Upper Hand | Apr 9, 2013 1:26:21 PM

baseball Baseball is America’s Game. It is our Country’s “National Pastime.” The 2013 Major League Baseball Season is barely a week old and with the young season comes a great deal of excitement. Even teams that will finish dead last in their Division, teams that will likely lose 90 games this year have hope… One of the best storylines so far in this young season is the Upton Brothers of the Atlanta Braves. If you are not a baseball fan,
B.J. Upton and
Justin Upton, two siblings, both signed to play for the Atlanta Braves in the offseason. They both play outfield positions, so not only are they on the same team, but older brother B.J. will play Center Field next to younger brother Justin, who will play Left Field.
uptons2 This is a really nice, feel-good story… Rewind back to Saturday, March 6
th…the 5
th game of the Braves’ young season. To set the stage, the Braves were down 5-1 late in the game at their home ballpark against the Chicago Cubs. The 8
th inning came and the Braves scored 3 runs, a great surprise as their offense had been anemic all night. The home team retires the Cubs in the 9
th inning and now had a chance in the bottom of the 9
th to win the game. 1
st batter to the plate is B.J. Upton, who was off to a slow start in the first few games. What happened? He hits a solo home run! Baby brother patiently waits for older brother to cross home plate and greets him in a congratulatory way.
Upton Brothers1 The next batter is retired and then Justin Upton heads to home plate for his at bat. You didn’t think little brother was going to let his brother upstage him, right? Of course not! Justin follows in his older brother’s footsteps and hits the game winning, walk-off home run!
Upton Celebration The brothers made history with two historic swings of the bat. They became the first brothers in the history of Major League Baseball to hit a game tying and game winning home run in the same inning. Absolute magic at Turner Field. To make it better, their proud father was in attendance to witness the special, history making 9
th inning. As you think about your dreams, whatever they might be, this is a cool story to keep in mind. Do you know that according to
www.ncaa.org, the odds of a high-school senior who plays baseball playing in the MLB is
0.015 percent? The Upton’s both at one point were that high-school senior baseball player…
Upton Celebration2 Can you even fathom what the odds of two brothers making it the MLB, playing on the same team, hitting a home-run in the same game, scratch that, same inning? And to add to it, having the home runs be the game tying and the game winning home runs in the 9
th inning? Think about that for a second…it’s truly incredible. The lesson being? Anything is possible. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream, ambition, goal is not attainable. The beauty is in the pursuit of your goal, dream or ambition. Be honest with yourself about what is important to you and where you want to be. Then set a plan to get there. Enjoy the 2013 Baseball Season and go
catch your dreams!  

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