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Offseason Workout for Basketball Players

Posted by Upper Hand | May 4, 2013 3:39:41 PM

Basketball Basketball season is winding down and many of you ballers are in your off-season now. Other than enjoying the NBA Playoffs, what are you doing to take your game to the next level? First thing you should do is look to connect to one of TRAINlete’s GREAT Private Sports Trainers. Second, you need to check out the below workout. This will give you an incredible workout designed to improve your vertical, speed and endurance.
Nate Robinson Much of this was taken from the explosive Nate Robinson. If you aren’t familiar with Nate, he is a 5”8 baller who has won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest…twice. He is able to play with and against players more than a foot taller than him solely because his athleticism, explosiveness and leaping ability. Get after it during this offseason!
Time: 45 minutes
Duration: Once or Twice a week
Focus Muscles: quads, glutes, calves, core Leaping ability isn’t all about squats.  If you want to get to truly above the rim next year, focus on working your core along with your legs to get maximum results.  This the work out below for 5 weeks and soar above the competition next season! Key is to write it down and keep a journal so you can improve every week. -Needless to say…. Start with a 5-minute stretch -Jump Rope 200 times (increase foot speed and fast twitch muscles) -Leg Curls (2 sets of 10) and in between sets hold yourself in plank position for 1 minute -30 Squat Jumps (no weights, height is key) -Leg Extension (2 sets of 10) and in between sets hold yourself in plank position for 1 minute -Dumbbell Lunges w/ weights 10x’s each leg (should start to struggle at 8) -Jump Rope 200 times -20 High knee-raise sprint (Sprint the length of a basketball court staying on your toes and lifting your knees as high as possible.) -Shoot 5 sets of 10 Free Throws

  • Count your misses after every 10 shots, multiply that by 5 and do that many crunches.  Example: make 6 out of 10 free throws = 20 crunches after first set of shots.

-Cool down and stretch. Let us know your results! Written By:  Jeremy Clouse

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Written by Upper Hand

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