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Posted by Upper Hand | Nov 5, 2014 1:55:22 AM

In the 1st post in this series, we discussed the importance of post-season complete rest, post-season active rest and having a
Skill Development Plan to become a better player in 2015. As you sit down to formulate your Skill Development plan be as specific as you can be. For example, it is common for QBs to be told, "Improve your footwork and throwing mechanics". Ok, there are a 1,000 footwork drills and there are a 1,000 throwing drills. How do you know which one to use? Which ones will help you in 2015? The answer is depends. What do you need your feet do? What part of your throwing mechanics need to improve? Ball hold and security? Vertical L? Horizontal L? Wrist Positioning? Extension? Elbow location pre-release?
IMG_2928 This may seem hard to do at first. But dig deep because the effort is worth the reward. And keep in mind, generally, if you ask good questions, you will arrive at good answers! These "good" answers will give you the context needed to judge whether or not a given drill will help you achieve your 2015 Skill development goals.
IMG_1614 At the Fairfax Football Academy, for example, when it comes to footwork, we focus on 3 things: 1. Weight distribution during movement 2. One piece foot movement 3. Ending all movements with an efficient throwing base. No matter how good a footwork drill appears to be, if it does not help our QBs get better at the things outlined above, we do not do it.
photo 5 (3) You can begin your assault on the 2015 Season by joining us Joining us on November 29th-30th: 


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