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Posted by Upper Hand | Nov 2, 2014 4:44:28 PM

Most Youth, Middle School and Freshman High School Football seasons will be ending soon. Everyone ends the season wanting to get bigger, stronger, faster and wanting to make the next season - THE SEASON. Everyone will lift and run. But few, map out how to develop the skills needed to become a better player. Do you have an Off-Season Skill Development Plan? STEP 1: REST Ideally, the 1st  step of any post-season development plan should include rest.  After a 4 month season, everyone, parents, players and coaches, need and should take a break - or at the very least a break from football. Ideally, the REST PERIOD should be 10-15 days - resist touching a football during this time. Bodies and minds need time to rejuvenate. STEP 2: ACTIVE REST Just after you smash that awesome Turkey dinner, you should transition from  COMPLETE REST to ACTIVE REST. This means that you will begin  football skill training one day a week and if you are not engaged in another sports season, you should  be physically active at least 2 days week - bike riding, shooting hoops, racquetball, swimming, running, etc. More details about developing an Off-Season Skill Development Plan in Future Posts You can begin your assault on the 2015 Season by joining us Joining us on November 29th-30th: 


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