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NFL Training Camp Injuries

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 16, 2013 9:44:59 AM

 Football season is finally here! Teams have been practicing at training camp since mid July to prepare for this upcoming season. The first preseason game began last Sunday with the Dallas Cowboys knocking off the Miami Dolphins 24-20. Unfortunately there have been an increasing number of NFL Training Camp Injuries starting to pile up. Several players have torn ACL’s, and they will be out for the year. These injuries could significantly impact the teams they play for because they are a big piece to the puzzle.  

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Here are a few key injuries:

Jeremy Maclin

Maclin suffered a torn ACL in his right knee on July 27
th.  He has completed his first stage of recovery by getting surgery just 10 days after the incident happened.  This will be a long recovery process but he is off to a great start.  Even though the Eagles had a rough year last year, he had 857 yards and 7 touchdowns.
Dennis Pitta
Pitta has dislocated his hip in training camp.  Thankfully, he did not suffer any ligament or cartilage damage and is expected to start rehab in 6-8 weeks.  He is expected to be ready by the 2014 NFL season.  He had 669 yards last season and 7 touchdowns including 1 touchdown in the Super Bowl.  Lets see if Ed Dickson can take on the new tight end role!
Dan Koppen
An 11 year veteran who now plays for Green Bay tore his ACL on July 28
th.  Koppen rejoined Denver hoping to give their starting center J.D. Walton more time to recover from ankle surgery.  This is going to cost Green Bay big time.  They are already pretty far down in the depth chart, and it just got further.  Let’s hope they can hang in there.
Percy Harvin
Percy Harvin suspected a torn hip labrum on July 25
th last month.  He got an opinion from two doctors, and he decided to undergo surgery.   Being the Seattle Seahawks number 1 receiver, they will have to find another option for the next few months.  He is expected to return at some point during the season but is not quite sure when yet. These are a few of the key injuries but there have been several other minor injuries as well.  This year’s training camp has been prone to a lot of injuries. 

With the preseason games now underway, teams will have to find guys to fill the spots of the injured. In an effort to reduce injuries, under the new collective bargaining agreement, teams will only be allowed to have 14-padded practices during the regular season.  This will hopefully shrink the number of players that are injured each year.  Also, all players will be required to wear knee and thigh pads.  Although the NFL has developed these rules, many argue that it could hurt the teams’ performance.  If players are only allowed to practice tackling in full pads 14 times during the regular season, do you think it could hurt their performance on the field?  Or do you think that NFL coaches and commissioners should protect their product on the field?

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