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New Sports Marketing Survey Tool & Facility Management Features

Posted by Kevin MacCauley | Sep 28, 2015 7:51:26 AM

Here's what is new and improved: (1) All new training event creation functionality (2) Double booking protection w/ asset allocation (3) New sports marketing survey tool (4) 1 on 1 lesson improvements (5) Updates to training package management (6) List of fixes and improvements (7) What's coming...very soon


(1) All new event creation and scheduler

All events now have an improved setup process with detailed steps to help you understand all the options available to you. This will also allow our engineers to continue adding new functionality within each step as we add your ideas to the software.

The new "scheduler" provides a much easier way to customize days to train or add to a camp by visually displaying a calendar, clicking to add to the event and then replicate or update specific details related to each day.
bookacoach calendar date selection

(2) Double booking protection w/ asset allocation

Avoid being in two places at once, with our newly designed double booking protection feature. Now you can create both locations and assets to use for allocated resources to make sure you are maximizing your facility. In a nutshell, here are highlights of the scheduling updates:

  • Set availability limits on each location or asset to ensure they are never overbooked
  • When creating new events, Upper Hand software highlights solutions to avoid major scheduling conflicts
  • Conflict resolutions protect against over-booking: coaches and staff, and booking too many clients at one time while maximizing the ability to host multiple events at any given time


(3) New marketing survey tool

Start tracking the results of your sports marketing efforts with our new marketing survey tool. When creating an event (e.g. camp, training program, etc) enable a marketing survey with the click of a button and include custom options. For example, add options that make sense for that event. Options will be presented to your clients during the checkout process, where they will complete the marketing survey.

Marketing survey results are then stored in a new marketing tab, where you can track how each client heard about the event. This feature is only the beginning and we are planning major improvements to our marketing tools! So get started using the new marketing survey tool today and take advantage of our business intelligence.

(4) 1 on 1 lesson improvements

 ACH Payouts for staff and coaches. With Upper Hand software, it is now easier than ever to set specific lesson rates, payout rates for your staff, and then automate payouts to their financial account of choice. You can also track payout history, a breakdown of total business earnings vs. staff earnings, and more. 
Contact our support staff to learn how to use this new functionality.

Also, per the request of many customers, you can now
 set a scheduling deadline for 1 on 1 lessons to avoid "last minute" bookings which may create confusion. It's simple, when you create availability for your lessons, add the number of hours you will allow someone to schedule before the current time. Below is an example:

(5) Updates to training package management

Several updates have been made to training packages, with two that will give you a lot more flexibility in the programs you offer.
First, now you can customize the terminology for Training Program Packages from "Credits" to options like class, session, practice and more.

Second, we added sequential scheduling which makes it easier to provide training programs that ensures clients are always with the same group when training. This is tremendously helpful for providing curriculum specific training that requires sequential attendance. Just check this option when creating your training program package. Here is the option to look for when setting up your next event:


Learn about these new product feature updates by requesting a demo with our team.

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Written by Kevin MacCauley

Kevin is the CEO at Upper Hand, a sports software company aiming to simplify front and back-end office tasks, by providing cutting-edge marketing and registration tools, and business intelligence, that enable unsurpassed performance for sports businesses across the nation.