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Morning Sports Routine for Business Owners

Posted by Upper Hand | Jun 22, 2017 2:56:17 PM

Running a sports business is a demanding job since your clients have to depend on you to stay physically and mentally sharp for extended hours during training. When you stop and think about it, careers like yours are really the most taxing of any next to delivery jobs working under extreme physical and scheduling pressure.

Since you're also running a business, you add another layer of stress to your day involving staff and sports business management. So what's important is to create an effective morning routine to help you stay focused and keep yourself organized.

Part of this might involve a workout routine to get yourself physically active, while trying to ensure that the business side of things doesn’t usurp your mornings before you even open your business doors.


 Waking up Early to Deal with the Unexpected

Here's a tip from some sports business entrepreneurs: Wake up early to deal with the unexpected. As noted by Heather Dorak of Pilates Platinum in Los Angeles, she rises early to take on any issues that arise online or off. Part of this involves answering emails first.

It's always smart to wake up as early as you can to take on any business issues that suddenly arise. If they're things you can take care of fast, it'll give you time to amend things before you start training or working with athletes.

Plus, it pays to visit your business before you officially open your doors to take on any problems directly in the sports facility.

But before this occurs, how do you motivate yourself to get in the right mindset to take on the day?


Prepping Your Brain When You First Wake Up

To stay successful as a sports trainer, you need to do things that place you in the right mental mood. Music is one the perfect source.

Celebrity trainer Lauren Boggi wakes up around 5:45 a.m. every morning and plays her favorite playlist to get her going mentally. Don't dismiss how music can shape your mood when it comes to taking on sports training. Just like listening to music while doing your own workout routine provides motivation, this can be a great trigger in the morning as well!


Getting Active

Doing simple stretches in the morning is the best thing you can do to prep your body for the training time you put in with your athletes. While some training might involve just being an adviser, you may have to demonstrate tough workout techniques to motivate and educate your clients or staff.

Some sports trainers do a morning run to get warmed up, while others do something calmer like meditation. Yoga meditation is a popular morning ritual for other top trainers to help keep them in a focused mood throughout the day.


Eating Well

Don't forget the importance of starting with some healthy brain food to keep you going until lunch. Once you get into your day with a full training and lesson schedule, you may not find time to eat again until well into the afternoon.

Eating foods high in protein can keep your energy level up if you’re running demanding training in the morning. Also, consume plenty of healthy fats to keep your brain focused.


Checking In With Your Employees

Many sports business analysts will remind you of the need to find reliable employees to handle the business tasks you can't do on your own while also running training (or vice versa). The first thing you should in the morning is check in with those staff members to listen to any concerns and go over the day’s agenda.

Morning meetings might sound annoying and boring, but you should always make sure everyone has the schedule for the day. Another option is to make sure everyone is on the same page through sports scheduling software.


Analyzing Business Intelligence

In addition to scheduling software, the right sports management software will allow you to take care of a lot of business issues on-the-go. Part of this includes studying your business reports and data. The metrics behind how your business is doing need particular focus.

There isn't any better way to start your morning than knowing everything is financially sound. Being able to check in on everything on the business side gives you fewer worries as you train your clientele.


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