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LeBron and KD Train Together

Posted by Upper Hand | Oct 3, 2012 9:38:05 PM

It is always better to have a workout partner.  It makes practicing and hard work that much more fun when you can enjoy it with a friend. You both get better when you push one another. This seems to have been the philosophy of Lebron James and Kevin Durant last summer when they decided they would spend a week practicing together in what they called "hell week".  This caused a small amount of debate because the two all-stars are not on the same team and will be competing against each other.

This year during "Hell Week 2", they are at it again.  However, more controversy.  This is because the two played against each other in the NBA Finals last year.  In several of the games Durant actually guarded Lebron. Durant guarded Lebron in games 2-5 where Lebron was very comfortable and did not have to hear the trash talk or cheap shots that sometimes come in an NBA Finals game. Lebron went on to win his third MVP while Durant was the scoring champ and led their teams to the NBA Finals.

The workouts are very intense and they push each other extremely hard.  They do two workouts a day consisting of court work, running a hill and running on a football field. 

Mike Mancias, Lebron’s trainer helped create the weeklong training. Lebron and Durant know that some are questioning the decision to work out together, but after Tuesday's workout, Durant tweeted, "I got better today!  That's all that matters!!  Move em."

 The NBA has changed and it is not the same league as when Michael Jordan used to compete against anyone and everyone.  This generation knows that hard work with another person to push you is a key to success.  Don't take it from me, look at the results of these two superstars.

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