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Keys to Success - Greatness is not born. It is grown.

Posted by Upper Hand | Jul 13, 2012 2:08:00 PM

"The Person in the Glass"                 Greatness is not born. It is grown. One thing that I find frustrating is when people say, while describing anyone who is successful (whether it is sports, business or any activity):
"Well, they were born with natural ability" or "How lucky are they to be so good" or "It must be nice to have all that God-given talent." If you find yourself in that discussion you need to remove yourself from the conversation because you don't need to conform to that type of thinking. NOTHING positive comes from that type of thinking! Are some people born with stronger natural abilities to perform certain tasks? Absolutely. But DO NOT kid yourself; those people you think are "blessed" with natural skills are working harder than the rest of us “wishing we had their natural talent.” Here is a great example to support this discussion. Did you know that over 12% of the players in Major League Baseball are from the Dominican Republic? The Dominican Republic is a small island in the Caribbean with a population 1/35
th of the United States…but 1 in 9 players playing in the Major Leagues in the United States are from the Dominican Republic. Does this mean that Dominicans are born “better baseball players?” Absolutely not. The country loves and embraces baseball. The young athletes play the sport from the time they can walk, and they WORK to be GREAT. They have great teachers throughout the country and due to economic conditions in that area baseball is probably one of the few things kids can do to “play." I was blessed to have been brought up by parents who lived by the message from the great poem "
The Man in the Glass." The message is simple, be the best YOU...every day...and you will be happy, fulfilled and successful. If you are the parent of a youth athlete focus on how you can motivate your athlete to be the best that they can be! Don't worry about others...other kids who are their competition to make the team, their opponent next week or their coach who isn’t playing them as much as you would like...teach the lesson of "
The Man in the Glass"...the message of maximizing "You." Don't measure your "greatness" or the "greatness" of your youth athlete by anyone else other than the person staring back in the mirror! Be the best YOU! #TeamTRAINlete "Like" us on Twitter -
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Written by Upper Hand

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