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7 Ways to Increase Efficiency for Parents

Posted by Upper Hand | Oct 5, 2016 9:12:41 AM

Are you making it easy for parents to find your sports training and get their kids registered?

You’ve set up a top-of-the-line athletic training academy, and the students you’ve brought in so far have had a great experience! But as word starts to spread and your sports academy starts to grow, are you ready to manage and communicate with a growing number of clients?

While the athletes’ experiences are crucial to the success of your business, this is not the only factor to take into account. Ultimately, it is likely to be a parent who is registering, scheduling and paying for this training. So as you start to bring in new clients, ask yourself “Am I providing good customer support and making it easy for parents to purchase training?” To answer that question, make sure you’re aware of all of your client touch-points. How do parents find out about your events? Is it easy for them to visit your website and take action?


  1. Promotion. Prevent additional paper clutter by omitting flyer handouts or postal mailings, that send parents looking online for a way to register their kids for your sports event. An email to promote your athletic event or training offerings makes it easy for parents to find the information they need. Make sure you have an effective way to manage your sports contact database, to easily reach parents and athletes through e-marketing.

  2. Online Registration. In a day and age where people want quick results, and are constantly multi-tasking, make sure you allow parents to register athletes in as few clicks as possible. Whether they are finding out about your event through google search, facebook, twitter, email or your website, they should be able to easily find your online registration link directly from that source.

  3. Mobile Responsive Design. Through a mobile responsive system. You don't want a parent to find out about the training you are offering, but then be unable to learn more and register on the spot. You risk the parent forgetting about the training, changing their mind, or becoming irritated with an overcomplicated, out-of-date process. Make sure you have an updated, mobile-responsive sports website design.

  4. Accept Credit Cards! We know. We say it all the time. But if you are still only accepting cash and check, you have fallen behind. Many parents do not carry cash or check anymore, and by inconveniencing your customer, you risk losing them. Cash and check payments can also put your sports organization at risk, making online sports registration a must.

  5. Sports Apparel & Equipment. Provide parents with a one-stop-shop for apparel and equipment needed for their kids. After registering their athletes, parents want to know what gear they are going to need to purchase, and where they can find it. If the sport is in-season, parents often have to run from store to store trying to find the right equipment in stock. Prevent this hassle in advance with a customized retail shop so you can email parents with the exact sports gear their athletes will need, allowing parents to order on the spot. This will make their life, and your life, much easier.
    Custom Retail Shop →

  6. Easy Scheduling. Allow parents to schedule a time for the training they purchased immediately and through the same system they registered and paid through. Don't send them on a wild goose chase for a separate calendar or on a series of phone-tag to reach you. 

  7. Send Reminders. Send automated reminders to parents before their athlete's training so they don't forget, putting them and your sports organization in a tough spot. Email reminders are great, but many parents, who are constantly on the go, prefer a text message reminder as well. 

When you provide parents with a streamlined process leading up to your sports event, you increase the likelihood of gaining a return client. At Upper Hand, we aim to make sports business management easier for your organization, while also providing your clients with the best customer experience possible.

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Written by Upper Hand

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