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6 Ways to Enhance Client Relationships with Sports Management Software

Posted by Upper Hand | May 30, 2017 11:18:07 AM

Working with Athletes & Parents in the Digital Age:

Today, more people are using technology for simple everyday tasks, making it very important that your sports business stays current in leveraging useful tech that makes it efficient for parents to interact with your business from a mobile device or tablet.

You see, whether it’s to register for the upcoming sports camp, stay connected with you via email, or to make a payment, it’s important to utilize a sports management software system to help you remain effective in your business operations while keeping parents happy a smooth transaction experience.


When it comes down to it, running a 21st-century sports business requires sports management software to stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving digital era. So here are six ways that you can bolster client-experience by implementing tech tools in your business.

  1. Simple Online Registration
    Doing away with paper registration and transferring to an online form not only helps cut down data entry on your part, but parents are able to access registration anywhere with their mobile device making it highly convenient. They don’t have to wait for your form to arrive in the mail or visit your office for pickup. More convenience means more registrations! Parents can simply visit your website, complete registration for your scheduled events or lessons, and receive an email confirmation.

    Anything to make their demanding life easier will always be a winner in their book!

  2. Easy-to-Use Scheduling
    Providing parents with the flexibility to schedule their athlete’s training allows them to easily fit the times that work best with their schedule. You’re offering an added benefit in lieu of leaving voice messages and playing phone tag when having to reschedule. Parents get a holistic view of what’s available, and can make their decision accordingly. Plus, you and your staff avoid double booking and miscommunication. It’s a win for everyone!

  3. Secure Online Payment
    When asked their preferred payment type, 43% of Americans chose debit cards compared with 35% who preferred credit cards and just 9% who preferred cash (Source: CreditCards.com). If you’re not using online payment processing, you’re a bit behind the curve and may be dissuading clients. Especially with the rise of mobile usage, these numbers prove that more people want to use their card instead of cash, and they want to pay at their convenience, online.

    Offering an online payment source as the solution can improve sales and certainly keep parents happy with this accessible choice.

  4. Active Website
    Maintaining an active website and blog are key tools that can foster engagement with your clients and keep them returning to your website. While your website shares your company information, schedules, and prices, you can add additional value by blogging about the latest games, upcoming events, player highlights, and even parents! It’s a great way to build a community around your sports business and drive ongoing traffic to your site (more key ingredients to a great sports website).

  5. All-Around Mobile Friendly
    So what’s the common theme? Making it easy to work with your business from any device is a must! Studies continue to show that mobile users significantly surpass desktop usage. Ensuring that your sports website and content correctly display on mobile phones improves user-experience with your sports business. Plus, a sports management mobile app will encourage parents to leverage your applications more frequently since it’s legible and easy to navigate.

  6. Stay Plugged In Via Email
    Using an automated system to send marketing emails and to communicate with parents is an efficient way to do business. Parents will stay in-the-know, be aware of any changes and be in-tune to the latest happenings pertaining to their youth athlete. You will find that clients who lead such busy lives will appreciate these notices as a way to stay connected with your business and and not miss out on any important events or deadlines.

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Leveraging an automated sports management software for your sports company gives parents one less thing to be concerned with when it comes to their child’s activities. Having everything streamlined so your processes run smoothly gives parents added confidence in doing business with you. Your amazing client-experience will reward you in many ways from increased business through client referrals, to improved client return rates due to your newly polished system!


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Written by Upper Hand

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