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The Importance of Mobile Sports Registration

Posted by Upper Hand | May 12, 2017 4:34:04 PM

Mobile-Friendliness Matters! Keeping Clients Happy with Automated Sports Registration Software:

Running a sports business in the 21st century means moving away from manual or paper-based systems that you've likely used for years. If you think keeping things the same after several decades is going to help maintain competitiveness, you have a tough road ahead.

Sports business analysts note the key to success today is providing great customer service. However, with great customer service comes making things more convenient for your clients. This can include things like making payments, registration and scheduling easier to do on the go, from any any device.


A lot of mistakes can happen when relying on paper. Moving to not just online sports registration, but also mobile friendly registration, is more important than ever.


On-the-Go Clients

Consider the psychology behind why your sports clients would want to use mobile technology. Despite looking out for quality training programs, they're already on the go, running one or multiple youth athletes to sport practices, and potentially remaining active themselves.

Whether it's soccer, or track & field, you’re in an active industry. It’s unlikely that your athletes and their parents are at home sitting by a desktop all day and it’s up to you to cater to your audience demographic. Active clients are also unlikely to want to deal with paperwork, it’s another slip of paper to try to keep track of, and send with their kids to turn in at practice.


So, what can you give them through mobile technology to make it convenient for them as well as for your staff?


Mobile Registration

Did you know that when it comes to mobile sports apps, most people want a fast-moving app that doesn't take long to find information. The same goes for filling out sports registration forms.

Since you likely require registration before a client can join one of your sports programs, how easy do you make it for them to register? Do you still use a lengthy form they have to pick up at your business?

If you're still using a paper-based registration system, it's time to make it digital for mobile devices. It also pays to simplify registration so clients can get signed up in minutes from any device.

With the right sports management software, it's not impossible. Consider whether or not registration can happen on any device. This way if you’re event is outside, an athlete or parent can register on the spot using a smartphone. In addition, make sure clients only have to create an account once. Once they’ve entered their client information, you want to make ensure it is quick and easy to return and purchase additional training.


Making Payments Easier

How many years have you forced clients to make payments with cash and check? In some cases, clients may lose track of paperwork, hence late payments. Not to mention, the strenuous amount of tracking and paperwork this means for you and your staff.

This can become a big problem for you when trying to maintain cash flow. For the client, it's a major inconvenience when they're used to paying for things online with credit cards.

The compromise is to provide an easy payment portal through a sports mobile app. With the right software, you can also achieve guided compliance so you're assured all payment and client data stay secure.

Most importantly, the client keeps up with their invoices and payments so they don't fall behind or make errors.

At Upper Hand, we've designed sports management software that takes mobile compatibility seriously. Learn more about our sports software features.

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Written by Upper Hand

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