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How to Build and Grow your Private Sports Training and Coaching Business

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 17, 2012 4:55:31 PM

Is it safe to say that business has changed over the past few decades? Few decades…more like every day! The truth is, due to the power of the internet, business, and more importantly how we market and manage our business, is always evolving and changing. If you are a private sports trainer or coach, I don’t have to tell you what goes into creating, building and maintaining a successful business. There isn’t a magic formula to follow and every trainer is going to encounter unique obstacles and opportunities. What is consistent is that the private sports training industry is enormous - $6 Billion dollar enormous. What is also consistent is this industry isn’t going anywhere but up. There are an estimated 48 million youth athletes (5-18 years old) participating in organized athletics in the United States. Youth athletics in the United States continues to grow…parents enroll their children in leagues at increasingly early ages and the trend is
specialization. No longer does junior play 3 sports – he plays one sport and he plays year round and when he isn’t playing he is visiting a trainer or coach to improve his skills! So if you are a private sports trainer or coach this is all pretty exciting, right? Absolutely. But are you maximizing your ability to grow your business? Whether you are an established trainer or just starting, it is safe to say that your top priority as a private sports trainer is your athletes. You must retain your current base of athletes while continually generating new athletes…the higher your services are in demand the more money you make!
Sounds like a simple recipe for success and with the power of the internet this should be easier to do than ever…right? I guess the real question is –
If an athlete or their parent in your area is looking for the services you provide will they be able to effectively locate and connect to you?  The old model of word of mouth referrals is not optimal today. Athletes and their parents want to easily access the information or services they seek. It is up to you to ensure that your business is accessible to capture potential new business.
“The How.” Some fundamentals about a business segment will never change and will constantly remain critical to success. Here are a few obvious, but critical things to do:

  • Create and manage a powerful network – Networking is vital to any business but especially so in the private sports training industry. Build your personal brand and network, and leverage it in any opportuinty you can – to get new clients, receive PR, etc. this is vital to success!
  • Referrals from your current athletes - The chances are your current athlete base has friends who need specialized training too…tap into this!
  • Positive feedback/reviews from your current athlete base - As you do a great job with your current base of athletes collect that feedback! Gain alignment that you can use that feedback with other potential clients, this is a key to the credibility you will need to build with every new client.

I know, I know…the above three are a bit obvious. But they are vitally important and worth reiterating! The next bucket may be a bit different for you, so read carefully! If you are unaware, the internet is a pretty big deal! If a potential new client is looking for the services you provide they will not be dialing “4-1-1” or looking through the yellow pages…chances are they will “Google” what they are looking for and whatever trainer is on the other end of that search is exponentially more likely to earn that business.
The key to your success as a private sports trainer or coach is building your web presence.
It is vital to focus on this and it may seem overwhelming if this is new to you, but it can easily be done! It is time to harness the most powerful marketing tool you have available. There are a lot of ways to do this – build a website, start a blog, place online classified ads, post your services on Craigslist, create and effectively manage Social Networking Sites. Your ultimate goal is to increase your online presence and visibility and the more active you are online the better positioned you will be for success.
The internet has truly changed the face of business. As a private sports trainer or coach
TRAINlete can help you harness that power. We help you generate new client leads, become easier found on the web and help you build a stellar online reputation. Creating a personal website can be very expensive and driving traffic to your site is another challenge in itself! At TRAINlete you can create a personalized profile page that you have the ability to customize your own domain – our trainers oftentimes use their page as their business website; and others use it as an additional online presence. As you begin building and enhancing your private sports training business,
TRAINlete will become your valued partner in helping you increase your online presence, generate leads and becoming more visible on all major search engines.
Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. For more information on how to grow your private sports business please visit us at
TRAINlete. #TeamTRAINlete "Follow" us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/trainlete "Like" us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/trainlete

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Written by Upper Hand

Upper Hand simplifies front and back-end office tasks for sports businesses, provides cutting-edge marketing tools and offers business intelligence that enables unsurpassed performance for its customers. Customized software and pricing are fit to each individual’s sports business needs with the objective of helping every customer grow their business.