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How Simplified Sports Registration can Grow Your Business

Posted by Upper Hand | Aug 9, 2016 4:43:57 PM

4 Ways Sports Registration Software Can Grow Your Business

A simplified registration process makes it easy for parents & athletes to convert to paying customers! See how an online registration platform can help you save time, easily communicate with clients, improve client experience and ultimately grow your sports business! 


  1. Easy Email Marketing - When registration is done online, you can easily send event emails to parents with simple click-through registration options, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

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  2. Improved Client Experience - Online registration opens the door for collecting credit card payments. When you offer the ability to pay by credit card, you are creating a faster way for parents and athletes to book training. Plus, many parents will appreciate the added convenience of finishing administrative paperwork and making payments in advance, rather than the day of an event or camp. This satisfactory customer experience, could be what it takes to keep your clients coming back for more training, so you can continue to grow your sports academy!
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  3. Save Pivotal Practice Time - Spend the time to prepare for your training and coaching event in advance through online sports registration software, and when it comes time to get down to work, you are ready to focus on your athletes. This is especially important for larger training events like camps or clinics where avoiding collections before or after the training will save significant time.

  4. No Post-Camp Excel Data Entry Session - With online registration, your post-event tracking of payment collection and athlete attendance can be a huge time saver! With all of this information managed and tracked through online registration software, you are left additional time for more important follow-ups with clients and additional time on the field.

    TIP: Get the Upper Hand by interacting with your clients post-event. Send them a message or provide athlete development feedback to make their experience more valuable.


Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Utilize Point of Sale to Increase Revenue

Increase customer experience & increase returning rates - The industry’s leading sports software registration platform provides your clients with the best possible experience. Instead of registering for each event, clients register only one time with your business from the first point of contact. Once registered, Upper Hand treats your clients like real customers, letting them simply sign in and take action to purchase from your sports business. From buying the next event to checking schedules, it’s time to give your clients an experience that matches the quality of your mission.

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Written by Upper Hand

Upper Hand simplifies front and back-end office tasks for sports businesses, provides cutting-edge marketing tools and offers business intelligence that enables unsurpassed performance for its customers. Customized software and pricing are fit to each individual’s sports business needs with the objective of helping every customer grow their business.