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How Digital Sports Registration Can Increase Your Website Conversions

Posted by Upper Hand | Oct 31, 2017 10:44:03 AM

Turn visitors into paying clients

Sports registration is no doubt one of your biggest challenges as a training business. If you've used a paper-based system as a “simple” way of getting your business started, you've likely come to realize how problematic this can become.

It pays to throw out paper-based systems in your sports business for the sake of client convenience, preventing errors and saving time for you and your staff when it comes to data entry. With digital processes so easy to access and use, this out-of-date registration method just isn’t worth the risks.

Take a look at how an online sports registration process with easy navigation and forms can increase your website conversions this fall.


Using Registration With Instinctual Navigation

Consider that many of your clients are athletes who aren't sitting at home on a desktop computer. Athletes and parents are likely on the go and outdoors practicing their respective sport. As such, they likely rely on their mobile devices to take care of a lot of their business.

Why not make it easy for them to register for your classes on mobile? They can do so wherever they are, through easy navigation and a mobile friendly registration app.

When you create an online landing page for an event, you should try to work with your design team to make it as simple to use as possible. Keep in mind you're designing for mobile screens, so creating a page that's automatically responsive to this format is essential.

You'll want to make registration something that's possible to do in minutes rather than being cumbersome.

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Quicker Checkout Process

A key element to successful online registration and more conversions is making a faster checkout process - that doesn’t include mailing or dropping off paper sports registration forms. One of the biggest mistakes made with many registrations is it takes too long to sign in and out.

Try to make your checkout process easy to complete in a short amount of time, while making navigation instinctual for your clients. You should give your clients ability to do this on any device from any location.

Most importantly, you should allow ability to sign back in if a client needs to update something, or wants to purchase additional training. Don't let them register once without the ability to easy log back in as they would when shopping anywhere else online. This ease will increase the possibility of repeat clientele.

The more you treat the client like a real customer with freedom to sign in to a personal portal, the more inviting you'll make your sports business. A personalized approach like this is more apt to lead to conversions based on the convenience to the client's schedule.


Making Scheduling Easier

To make your registration even easier to use, make sure to include a scheduling calendar so your client can quickly start their training program. Why make them wait hours, or even days, to finally schedule a class over the phone or by email when they can do so digitally after quickly registering on their mobile device?

Doing so eliminates having to contact your clients by phone, which can lead to further delays. With easy sign-in and checkout, they can register, then easily sign back in to do instant scheduling without conflicts.


Integrating Easy Payment With Registration

After a client registers with your sports business, you'll want the payment collected automatically rather than experiencing delays while you wait to receive cash or check. If you make payment something only possible days after the fact, you're going to hurt your own cash flow and leave room for error.

Allowing the client to easily pay through a secure checkout process, that also provides a level of trust as you're looking out for their security as well. Plus, giving the client freedom to pay by credit card is critical in a time where.

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Providing freedom and efficiency with the entire registration process helps increase your clients’ trust in your business. Paired with a great training program, you're more apt to retain clients as a result!


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