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Happy New Year...Happy You Year!

Posted by Upper Hand | Jan 3, 2013 6:54:29 AM

There’s something about the last minutes of December 31
st and the first few of January 1
st. Ending one year and beginning a new one in the grand scheme of things is really no different from one day ending a new one beginning. But the changing to a new year feels different. A new year provides hope. No matter what happened in the previous calendar year we get a fresh start, a new opportunity in the ‘new year.’ The funny thing is, the whole premise of a ‘new year, new you’ can be applied to any day of the year and any time of one’s life. When thinking about 2013 and what you want to accomplish this year, I challenge you to stay focused, hungry and resilient. There will be times that things don’t go well and that’s expected and okay! Channel this feeling that you have during the first few days of 2013, this feeling of optimism, hope and excitement, and work to keep it throughout 2013. A calendar year is 365 days. Treat each day as a mini-battle. Set goals for yourself each day to help you achieve success. If you ‘lose’ one day, or a battle, that’s okay! Learn from the loss, regroup and win the next day. Enjoy 2013 and we wish you nothing but the best as you take steps to reach your next level! Written by:  Eric Blumenthal

Topics: Holidays, Leadership

Written by Upper Hand

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