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Getting Creative with Sports Facebook Ads

Posted by Upper Hand | May 3, 2017 4:26:52 PM

Tell your brands story by using Facebook Advertising outside of the usual single image:

Recently, we showed you a basic overview of what Facebook Ads could do to take your sports business marketing to the next level. We heard back that so many coaches and trainers were interested in Facebook Ads, that we wanted to bring you a little more on how you can get extra creative with your advertising! Using Facebook Ads for your next sports training program can easily work for your business since Facebook makes it workable for any industry to target the right audience. However, knowing just the basics doesn't show you the true creative possibilities with the ads themselves.


One thing you'll appreciate with Facebook Ads is the customization available in many of its features. There isn't any better place to look than in the ad formatting to shape your ad into something that fits your sports brand and makes your business stand out.

The question is, what kind of ad format will best help you meet your goals? With everything from photo ads to collection ads, you'll have various methods to present your message in compelling and very visual ways.

Photo Ads

Keep this in mind: The sports and training industries are extremely visual. Prospective customers want to see the equipment, facility and steps you take to train individuals to become great athletes.

This is why Facebook's photo ad option is perhaps your best choice, since it's so simple and easy to post. Thanks to Facebook's connection with Instagram, your photo ad can also be posted to Instagram simultaneously, if you so desire.

Your only challenge is taking a quality photo, truly encapsulating the program you are offering and representing your brand. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you add a prominent, clear call-to-action to the image so viewers can quickly identify what the program is and that you want them to “Sign-Up”, “Join Training”, “Register for Camp”, etc.

Storytelling in Short Video Ads

It's worth noting how short videos telling a story do well in any type of marketing campaign. Facebook's video ads feature makes this easier since you can easily upload a video and have it post to multiple places simultaneously.

Once you post, it goes automatically on your Facebook page, Instagram, and Facebook's valuable Audience Network to potentially reach a billion people.

But remember, it's smart to stay as visual as possible in your video, including presenting logos and training visuals, with little to no audio.

Carousel Ads

Sometimes one image isn't enough to convey your sports brand message. If video doesn’t seem like the right alternative fit, and you can't integrate everything into one photo ad, the carousel ad option is your best bet.

Basically a slideshow, these show up to ten images (including videos) in one ad. Each image has its own link. When someone sees a training program they prefer, a click takes them to your website.

Like a video, this may also help to tell a story, allowing you to bring some emotional appeal to your sports training program ads.

Canvas Ads

Arguably, Facebook's canvas ad format is the most creative one available today. It's basically a multimedia format perfectly made for mobile. Considering mobile audiences are in the hundreds of millions now, you can't go wrong choosing this ad feature.

Also, many seeking sports training programs probably aren't sitting at home with their desktops. They're likely on the go and already involved in athletics. Finding a local sports training program is something they need to find in seconds, not minutes, hours, or days.

The canvas format lets you combine videos and photos with ability to swipe, zoom in, or tilt images on their mobile device of choice. Essentially, you're able to tell a mini story about your sports business, something enabling a preferred customer experience.

Collection Ads

Even top companies have used Facebook's collection ad format to showcase new products. This is a slightly toned down canvas ad feature where you integrate video and photos in one ad. At the same time, you have room to feature four images to introduce new offerings.

For prospective leads in a hurry, you can immediately present new sports programs you're promoting. Or, you can show "before and after" photos proving the fast physical results you bring through your standout training regimen.

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