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Prepare & Execute with Sports Camp Registration Software

Posted by Upper Hand | Mar 20, 2017 9:54:54 AM

Make Sure Parents are at Ease Sending Their Athletes to Camp

It's the first day of camp. Athletes and parents are arriving full of excitement, and likely, some anxieties. How do you greet them? Is your camp check-in process and first day a well-oiled machine, or are you scrambling, leaving parents standing in long lines, waiting to sign in their child.

Running a sports business or sports camp program needs complete organization in order to avoid confusion during the registration and sign-in process. Since this field is already very competitive, a camp like yours could easily lose out to a local competitor you’re not prepared and organized. Mistakes made in registering athletes and checking them in at the start of camp, can leave parents with a bitter taste in their mouth, making them unlikely to return and possibly even causing them to ask for refunds.

Parents are going to keep a scrutinizing eye on camps like yours, because any issues could denote unprofessional behavior. If you can’t run registration smoothly, why would parents expect you to teach their children about sports and keep the young athletes well-supervised? 


Always remember first impressions are everything in this industry. If you're fearing any blunders being made, sports camp registration software is the best solution for your business.

Let's look more at preparing for your camp with sports camp registration software so you can stay on your toes!


Eliminating Paper-Based Systems

Even if your sports camp is a mainstay in your local area, you can't expect older registration procedures to keep up with today's demands. Using paper-based systems isn't feasible when you consider how easy it is to lose papers.

It's not easy to organize paperwork either, particularly if you're seeing a huge increase in students signing up. All it takes is losing one document to create an embarrassing mix-up.

Parents may see this and realize you're behind the times on not using at least some digital technology to keep things orderly.

When you use camp registration software, you'll be able to not only organize better, but also be able to connect easier with everyone involved.

Registering Kids Before the Event Takes Place

Rather than send out paper registration via snail mail, or hanging up flyers, your promotions will be much more efficient online. With sports camp registration software, it's possible to market your camp, and collect payments immediately upon online registration. Collecting cash payments the day of camp check-in can get messy. It’s far too easy to come up short on cash, or mis-mark athletes at check-in.

Thanks to mobile technology, you can send registration information to parents on-the-go as well. They'll be able to register and pay instantly, giving you better cash flow and assuring a digital record on who's attending.

Knowing Who Has and Hasn't Paid

Using software, you'll be able to connect to an available database 24/7 regarding payment information. You can do this on a mobile device as well, through an iOS and Android App to check on who's paid and who hasn't.

Now you won't have to correct mistakes after the camp program starts, which wastes valuable time and risks errors at check-in.

Updates and Reminder Notifications

The great thing about using software like this is the ability to connect to everyone involved. It's possible to send updates and reminder notifications to parents and kids about what the status of their registration is, as well as what to expect when your camp starts.

Some kid athletes may feel anxious about what they'll experience if attending your sports camp for the first time.

You have some great methods to help them prepare in physical and psychological ways so they get the most out of what your camp offers.

Preparing a Sign-In Sheet in Advance

One of the most anxious things for kids is making sure they get to the right place on the first day of camp. By having things like your roster in-line before campers even get to your event, you’ll be able to run things smoothly and ease some anxiety. Plus, easily communicate with your roster in advance, providing notes on things the athletes need to know and have for camp.

For instance, you can send them room assignment info so they'll know immediately where to go without confusion upon arrival. In general, overnight camps are going to need far more organization on your part and for kids so you don't spend hours of valuable time sorting out mistakes.

At Upper Hand, we provide top-tier sports camp registration software that helps you with complete organization to make it easy to support clients, eliminate registration and payment confusion, and present a well-oiled, organized sports business that saves time for staff and clients.


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